Kidnapped Besties

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Chapter 2

When we arrived at the lake house, we removed our cap and gown, stuffed them into my trunk. We grabbed our swimsuit bags. Everyone spent some time in the pool. We even played a few rounds of chicken. Erin won five matches. I, of course, did not. I did not even win one. She's a lot tougher than I am, and she's also a lot more competitive. I merely play games like that for enjoyment but she plays them to win every time.

That's what I meant when I said we complete each other. We are the total opposite of one another but together we make a whole. People sometimes question how two people could be that much different. Still get along like we are absolutely the same. Our moms could be the reason to be honest. Erin and I really just grew up together. We are all each other knows for friend wise, I mean. Sleep overs, family vacations, and just simply spending time together on a regular basis.

We had stayed out in the water a little longer than we had first planned, but we had all night. We were all just having fun one last time together. We sat on the sandbank near the water for a while talking about how each of our high school experiences was.

Erin and I had the same experience; we were both apprehensive about starting high school. Who isn't a little nervous about their freshman year? We certainly were. We all believed we were the shit when we were in eighth grade. The big students at school, the ones who the younger kids didn't want to mess with, but by the time we got to high school, we were virtually at the bottom of the food chain, and we were "fresh meat," as they say.

Dylan even mentioned Jack. A boy with whom we had gone to elementary and middle school with. I'm not trying to be mean, but he was creepy. He would bring dolls to school. Talk to them, and even brush their hair. It was completely terrifying for us girls. Some of the male students, and even some of the females, had bullied him, but Erin and I had not.

We didn't want to hang out with him because, knowing how school kids could be. They would have turned on us as well. Neither of us wanted to go through that. However, we did not go out of our way to make his school life hell like the rest. Our parents did not raise us to be like that and if we had our families would have been very disappointed in us.

A little while after everyone started to want to get the party started. We all made our way into the lake house and changed out of our bathing suits. Thank goodness not everyone from our graduating class came to the party. We have around one hundred students in our year. The line for the bathrooms would have taken even longer. Once Erin and I changed out of our swim suits, we headed out to my car to grab our drinks. It was time for the real fun to begin.

Everyone is now getting drunk. We are downing shots back to back. The music is blasting and we are all having a good time. Dancing on every inch of floor in the house. With even some girls dancing on the tables and one of them happening to be my bestie.

Good lord.

She can't already be that wasted.

I try not to mother hen her. I can't help myself sometimes. She became so drunk at a party last year that she had no idea what she was doing. When I realized I hadn't seen her in a few minutes. I searched the entire home. I found her upstairs with four drunk football players; she was fine with it because she was having a fantastic time. I couldn't let it happen. I knew she'd regret it the next morning, so I yanked all those jerks off her and called my Dad to come pick us up.

He didn't ask any questions, thank goodness.

That was the rule.

We call and they don't ask.

They just did not want us to ever be scared to call them if we needed them. One time Layla's mom had asked too many questions. It was our first time getting drunk and we were both too scared to tell our parents. So the second time we drank too much we ended up walking home. That apparently was a lot worse because they had come up with the rule.

"Ava! Come on bestie. Dance with me."Erin's slurring words break me out of my thoughts as she throws her arms around me. Almost knocking us both to the ground. "Here" she said, shoving a red plastic cup into my hand. "Drink. Drink. Drink." She chanted over and over. Making me giggle at her antics before I downed whatever was in it, it tasted like tequila.

I hope not. That shit gets me too drunk. She probably got into someone's stash or they were sharing with her. Our parents may have gotten us alcohol drinks for tonight but they are not strong by any means. Boons farm, barley any freaking alcohol but hey, who am I to complain? They could have said no, not at all, I don't normally like to share drinks but I guess tonight will be okay. We plan on sleeping over here anyway. So if we get a little too drunk it will be okay.

"I love you, do you know that, Ava?" Erin asked me softly, rocking our bodies to the music as she holds onto me tightly. "You're a really good friend. My best friend. I would not want to go through life without you."

"I love you too, Bestie. Always and forever." I tell her wrapping my arms around her, hugging her to my body just as tight as she is hugging me.

Hours later, not exactly sure how many because I have done drunk way too much. Erin has been shoving drinks into my hand all night. I have been doing two things, trying to keep up with my party animal best friend. Enjoying my last high school party. Everyones getting louder and more people are showing up. Older ones looking like they were in college or have done graduated. Erin's latest boyfriend has shown up along with several of his friends. She has been sharing her time between him and me both.

I'm sipping on one of my boons farm drinks, sitting on one of the couches. Not wanting to get anymore drunker than I already am. I look up when I hear Erin's screeching voice, jumping up from the couch to go and check on her. Just as I round the corner of the kitchen, I see Erin flying down the steps with wobbling legs screaming her head off at Ace. That's her boyfriend, they have been dating for a few months. She actually has been keeping it a secret from our parents, she planned on telling them they started to date after she graduated.

"How fucking could you! Cheating on me with her!" She yells, slapping away his hand when he went to grab her.

Oh fuck

He was cheating on her?

Oh my poor bestie.

"It's not like that baby, just listen to me." Ace begged, but she was not having any of it.

"Listen to what? I think I heard enough when I heard her calling out your fucking name with your dick inside her!" Erin snarled, storming up to me and grabbing my arm tightly with her hand.

"You are supposed to be my friend Maddie! How can you do this?" Erin screamed, throwing the cup she had in her hand towards Maddie and I watched in horror as the alcohol drenched Maddie's hair and make-up.

"Erin, please. It was a mistake!" Maddie cried, making Erin's fingers dig into my skin as she pulled me out the house.

"Erin, where are we going?" I stuttered, having trouble keeping my short legs up with her long ones.

"I want to leave. I can't believe he did that to me. He told me he loved me the other day Ava and I believed him." She cried, and when I looked at her while she was talking I seen tears rolling down her face.

"We can't just leave Erin. We drank too much. We can't drive like this!" I yelled, jerking my arm out of her tight grip.

"I can't stay here, Ava. I'm so embarrassed and hurt please. Let's leave." She begged, her emotions breaking her words. "I loved him, Ava. I thought he was the one for me. I finally thought I got it right this time."

"Okay. Okay. Let's just call one of our parents to pick us up. Neither of us can drive Erin. We are both drunk. We can't get on the road like this. We could get pulled over. We could get in a wreck and kill someone. Kill someone like that woman killed my dad." I told her softly, trying to get her to understand.

"Okay, but hurry. I want to leave Ava before Ace comes out here. I can't face him Ava. Please don't make me." She begged, looking down at me. Her face broken and her bottom lip trembling making my heart hurt for my best friend.

"Okay. Erin. Okay. Relax. We will go." I told her, rubbing my hand up and down her arm as I bring my other hand to the back of my jean pants pulling out my phone. I quickly unlock it and see that I have no service.

Great. Just fucking great.

"I don't have any service. Do you?" I asked her, shoving my useless phone back inside my back pocket.

"Wait." She said, pulling her phone out of her bra, looking down at her screen and I know from the frown on her face that she does not have any serious either.

"No. Fuck." She growled, tightly closing her eyes. "Please. Let's just walk. Our houses are not that far."

"We can't just go walking in the dark, Erin, it's too dangerous! We are drunk and it is thundering. It may rain. Let's go inside and see if anyone has service and we can call our parents." I told her, turning around, heading back inside.

"No. I can't face everyone now, Ava! I caught my boyfriend cheating. I can't see everyone's pity for me. Let's go. I can't face him or Maddie right now." She snarled, turning her back to me heading to the front yard.

"Erin! It's too dangerous. We can't. It's going to rain." I called out to her, but she either did not hear me or she doesn't care.

I can't let her walk in the dark by herself, not when she is this drunk. What if something happens to her? I would never be able to forgive myself. I just want to stay here and go to sleep so we can leave early in the morning but I can't do that. I can't let my best friend go walking out into the dark, drunk and alone.

God damn it.

Sighing loudly, I started to follow her towards the front yard. "Erin, hang on!" I yelled at her.

This is not a good idea.

Our parents are going to kill us.

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