Kidnapped Besties

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Chapter 5

"You girls need a ride?" The young man's voice yelled out against the loud, wind sounds.

"Yes. We were heading home from a party and got lost." Erin says, rushing to the car window, leaning her body against the frame.

It's a silver Honda car, I don't know about the year. It doesn't look beat up or anything and seems to be in decent shape. Don't creepy people drive around in old, beat up cars? You know, the ones that just scream dangerous.

"I can bring you both. Weather app says it's just going to get worse." The man calls, smiling softly. "Where are yall headed?"

"Beaufort." Erin says, pushing the hair out of her face as a big wind just blew through.

"Ah. My home town. My parents moved us out here when I was a kid." He smirked. "Come on. The rains pouring into my car." He says, looking up at us with a rained soaked face. Water droplits are sticking to his glasses.

I can't shake the feeling like something bad is seriously happening here. We should never get inside a vehicle with any guy. Just because he does not look dangerous doesn't really mean that's true.

Wolves in sheep's clothing.

Erin is right though, I really do not want to stay out here all night, roaming around lost in darkness. I don't know what to do. I still think this is a dangerous idea.

"Really, you grew up there?" Erin asked as she pulled the handle of the passenger door, to open it.

"Yeah, I did. Sorry about that, the door locks broken. Someone tried to break in and destroyed the locks." He hissed out, making a sour looking face towards the door.

"Erin, I don't know about this." I told her, softly. I did not want the man to over hear our conversation.

"Please, Ava. He seems nice. He doesn't look creepy at all. It's fine. Come on, let's go home." Erin said, reaching for my hand, and pulled me closer to the car.

"I think we should walk." I told her, planting my feet into the road to stop her from pulling me any closer.

-Kidnapers P.O.V

Today's graduation day. I should have been there with the rest of my class, instead my mother home schooled me. I kept getting builled in school all because I liked to play with barbie dolls. I don't think I am weird like the other kids said, I just liked how beautiful they are. How perfect each barbie is. My mother died a few days ago, and I miss her. She would keep me locked away, saying it was for my own good. She said I was different from the rest of the kids.

The last day of school, real school was back in elementary. I think I was in 5th grade when she pulled me out. Since then I have been shut away, closed in from the outside word because my mother was getting complaints. One lady told my momma that I blew up her cat. I did. The damn thing was chewing on my beautiful pagent barlie doll. Poor Cathy was all scared up.

She left me lonely and I want more dolls, this time though I want real barbie dolls. I need someone to keep me company. I have spent days looking through town, trying to find a set that would catch my eyes. I went to every toy store around here and still, no doll caught my eye.

I was heading back from Germoct, driving in frustration at the fact that I had not yet found my new pair. The lights in the front of my car shined through the darkness and I made out two small figures walking up the road.

I drove my car closer curiosity rushing through me and I seen that it's two girls. Beautiful girls. I know them. They went to school with me. Erin and Ava I think their names are. They were the only two that never bullied me in school. Even soaking wet, with make-up running down their faces, they are still so god damn beautiful.

They would make such beautiful barbie dolls.

"You girls need a ride?" I asked, as I pressed the button to roll down my passenger side window.

God, they are beautiful. They were always so beautiful. I remember back in school I wished I had barbies that looked like them. They are both so different, but are both beautiful in their own styles. I really think these two could be my new set of barbies.

My new real set.

Oh, excitement buzzes through me, I want to get them inside my car as fast as possible. I already have a few outfits picked out inside my head as my eyes roam over their perfect bodies. Erin has the biggest boobs, I will have to be mindful of them while dressing her. Ava has the bigger booty and I find the thought of her cheeks poking out of some of the naughtier outfits has my dick hardening inside my pants.

I need to get my new perfect dolls out of this rain.

I just told them that the handle of my passenger door is broken. Ava doesn't seem like she wants to come inside even though Erin does.

"Yall know the weather is just going to get worse. I got a tornado warning a few minutes ago." I told them, looking like I didn't care either way because I am not the ones that are walking.

"Really?" Erin asked, her beautiful brown eyes widen as I say the word Tornado.

"Yes, but you never know with the weather around here. Could be possible, we don't get one at all." I said, shrugging my shoulders.

I need to think of something.

I watched my older sister being raped one night, she snuck out of our house and met some boys in the back yard. I was only 4 at the time. I had a scary dream and climbed out of my bed, wanting to go by my sister. My mom had always fussed when I went wake her up, but my sister never did. Vickie let me climb into bed with her and she would hold me, telling me my dreams could never hurt me.

I watched from her bedroom window, as those two boys her age hurt her. Too afraid to move and run to my parents. I did nothing but stand there watching them hurt the one person that ever showed me any kind of love. I felt disgusted with myself. She did not die that night but she did a few weeks later. I snuch into her room every night after that, to make sure my sister was not getting hurt. We held each other every night until that horrific night. I walked in, climbed into her bed and held her.

Held my sister all night, not knowing she was dead.

She committed suicide. She left a note, saying she could never be clean again.

According to my mother, I had a break down the next morning after waking up next to my sister. I had got so lost in missing my sister that the only thing that helped me was playing with her barbie doll collection.

My sister was beautiful, she was in middle school at the time and she was known to be the prettiest girl in town. She always had make up on. She always made sure her outfit matched and that her hair matched the outfit. That's why I got attached to my dolls. They remind me of her. They comfort me, just like she did and I need them.

"Ava. He said tornado. We need to get home." Erin said, jerking at Ava's hand towards the car.

"Okay, Erin, okay." She sighed, shoulders slumping over in defeat.

Yes. Come on my beautiful dolls.

I had to make sure the smile I had own my face was hidden in the darkness as they climbed into my car.

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