Kidnapped Besties

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Chapter 6

The sound of a door closing on our side gives me the creeps. I can't stop thinking about how strange it is that the man doesn't stop smiling. My body's nerves are screaming for me to just get out of the car. We should have just walked. I should have never allowed Erin and me in here.

The man shifts his car into drive and begins driving down the road. The rains have started to fall harder. The raindrops are making it difficult to see past the cloudy windshield.

"How old are you, girls?" The man's voice drew my gaze away from the door and back to him in the rearview mirror.

"We recently celebrated our 18th birthday and we just graduated "Erin said. I watch as rain drops fall into the seat beneath Erin as she runs her fingers through her damp hair.

"That's awesome. I'm 18 years old myself. It's a small world." With a chuckle, the man said. I don't think it's even funny that we're all the same age.

"Yeah. That's great." With a chuckle, Erin said.

When I turn to face her after hearing that seductive giggle, I see her flicking her eyelashes up at the man. He appears to be savoring it.

What the hell happened to her being sad over Ace? I'll admit that this boy appears to be rather attractive, but she has no idea who he is.

For some minutes, the silence hung around the car, with none of us speaking. This is becoming unbearably uncomfortable.

"Are you Erin and Ava?" The man asked. I heard our names. As soon as my name was said my body jump up for the second time.

How does he know our names? My arm hair is starting to stand up. That's a little weird. I'm not sure who this guy is, but he knows our names.

"How do you know our names?" My heart skips a beat and a wave of panic sweeps over me as I asked softly.

"We used to go to the same school. It's Jack." He smiled and swiftly shifted his gaze to the rear seat.

For several seconds, I stare up at him, perplexed, until it finally dawns on me. Jack Walton was a kid who quit going to school while he was in elementary school. The image of him stroking the hair of his Barbie dolls comes back to me like a ton of bricks.


No. This kid was a creep. He'd always have one of those dreadful dolls on him. During class, he would cram his book sack with Barbie doll outfits and play with them. That wasn't always the case, though. His sister's death had a profound effect on him. That's why Erin and I never teased him; he simply missed his sister and was discovered sleeping next to her lifeless body. That, I'm sure, was the catalyst for his transformation.

"Jack? Really?" Erin stated, and I can tell by her expression that she is recalling the same memories as me. "What made you decide to stop going to school?"

"You remember, don't you? They singled me out and labeled me as a freak. They grabbed my Barbie dolls by the and stuffed them inside my locker hung from string. If you ask me, they were the true creeps." He spit furiously. My heart actually stopped beating for a second when the pleasant look on his face turned into something so horrible.

"Erin. We've got to get out of here." I murmured to her and drew her closer to me so he wouldn't hear.

"What? Ava. Are you crazy? We're safe and sound and on our way home. Why would we get out of a car in the rain and darkness just to walk?" She laughed out loud, as if I was joking.

When I look up again, the man's wicked expression has vanished. A warm smile takes its place.

"Yeah. I'm sorry for what they did to you, Jack." Erin said it with sincerity.

"You do not need to apologize. You and Ava never said anything hurtful to me. You're just like my sister, so beautiful and understanding." He smiled as he looked back in the rearview mirror at us.

"Erin. Something doesn't feel right. Can we please just walk the rest of the way?" I pleaded with her.

I just wanted out of here and to feel comfortable, because I'm not feeling very safe right now. The man appears kind one minute and then becomes emotionless the next. I've seen enough crime movies to know that it makes me think of a lunatic.

Erin enjoys horror, but I prefer crime. It's absolutely different, and this guy reminds me a lot of Ted Bundy.

"Ava! Please! Stop worrying. Jack is being gracious and escoring us home. Why would you want to get out in the rain? That makes no sense to me." She yanked her arm free from my strong grip.

God! Why won't she listen to me for once?

"You are both so beautiful." Jack murmurs so quietly that I almost missed it.

"Awe. Thank you very much, Jack." Erin smiled up at him as she chuckled softly. She leans against the front seat and rotates her body to face Jack.

She was always a flirty drunk, but now is certainly not the appropriate time for this.

"I'd like to have you both dressed up. Make both of you model the outfits I picked out for you." I notice his eyes in the mirror going down on Erin's shirt as he smirked and bit his bottom lip. Her boobs are perfectly visible through the now see-through rain-soaked top. She is wearing a white shirt.


That's a fucking creep red flag.

"Please let us out." I screamed and slammed my hand against the driver's side door.

"You don't want to be my dolls?" Jack screamed and jerked at the steering wheel, causing the car to swerve across the road.

"Stop! You're going to crash us!" Erin screamed angrily. She threw her arms up and grabbed the car's roof.

"I'm not going to crash us. I don't want anything bad to happen to my dolls." He muttered.

This was a very big mistake.

"You lunatic, stop the car and let us out!" I screamed and reached for the car handle, but there was nothing there. The portion of the inside handle is missing. There is no handle on it at all, just a empty hole.

What the hell is going on! Why would he take the door handles off?

"Please let us out! What happened to the locks?" I sobbed, wriggling my fingers inside the hole with hopes of finding a way to unlock it.

We'll jump out if we have to. Jack is talking about some insane, messed-up stuff, and I have a bad feeling he means what he says.

"That is not going to happen. I spent days looking for the perfect pair of dolls when I came onto yall, who were lost and in need of my help." Jack grumbled as he stomped his foot on the accelerator, causing the car to jolt ahead.

"You creep, let us out!" Erin screamed and slapped at his head while leaning over the middle console. Her hits cause her to serve more side to side on the road. I'm afraid because I believe we're about to go off the road. "Your insane! We are not your stupid dolls!"

That might not be such a horrible thing after all; it might just get us out of here.

"Stop before you make me wreck and kill us all!" He yelled angrily. We came flying up because he slammed his foot down on the brakes hard. Erin and I collide with the seat, and before we realize what's going on, he throws his foot back on the throttle, propelling us backwards.

"Stupid asshole. Let us out! This is kidnapping!" Erin screamed, her hand banging at the window in an attempt to break it.

"Sorry. You're both mine now. My dolls and I are going to have so much fun together." As he lifted his right hand, Jack spoke softly, a large smile on his lips.

When I see that it's some sort of container, my eyes expand.

"What is that?" I asked Jack, still yanking at the doorknob, hoping it would magically open for me.

"It'll make you both feel better until I can bring us all home. My dolls, good night. Have sweet dreams." He hissed and threw the container into the back of the truck. The contact causes the glass to shatter, and grey smoke begins to whirl around our feet.

The last thing I am able to see as the car fills up with smoke is him putting on a mask over his face and Erin shouting out to me.

"Im sorry, Ava. I am so sorry. We shouldn't have never walked. This is my fault. I should have listened to you bestie." Erin sobbed, banging her hand against the window harder.

I tried to reassure her that I didn't blame her, but the words wouldn't come out of my mouth. As I continue to jerk and try to open my door, my eyelids are becoming droopy.
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