Kidnapped Besties

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Chapter 8

Erin and I spent the past several minutes yelling and slamming our hands against the door without anything happening. He never answered us again and we are stuck to wonder several things.

Where are we?

Does he plan on harming us?

So many things are running through my head and I just want to be back home and in my own bed. I'm trying not to be upset with Erin. Even though she did not mean for this to happen, I tried to tell her over and over that we should not be doing this.

We should not have walked to begin with and we never should have gotten into the car with Jack. It's partly my fault too, I got myself inside the car. I should have stuck to my gut and not have gotten into the car.

Now we are stuck in this room, being dressed up like freaking barbie dolls for a sick maniac pleasure. Erin was right he does belong in a nut house, he can't think this all is actually okay.

I look around the room some more and see that the room does not have any windows at all. The walls have fake pictures, like wall paper around the room. The wallpaper by the beds is of a yard at night, and the one in the kitchen is of a yard but this time it's showing daylight.

Jack really thought all this out. How long has he been planning this? It had to be a while, for all of this is already be in here.

"Erin. What are we going to do?" I asked her softly, feeling my body growing sleepy again. My body feels like I have not slept in days, but I know it's just the drug.

"I don't know, Ava. I don't know. I wanted to attack him as soon as he opened that door but how will that help us? If he closes it before we can get out, then we are stuck in here." She said, slowly making her way towards the sofa, letting her body fall onto it.

"We need to be smart." I whispered, making my way on shaking legs to join her on the couch. If she feels like I am feeling it's probably safer for us to sit down for the moment. The last thing we need is one of us passing out and hitting our heads on something.

About twenty minutes later, we hear the sound of the key pad clicking before the metal door swings open. Jacks standing behind it pushing a trolly, loaded down with food and drinks.

I guess he was not joking, he really did prepare a meal for us.

This is all just too fucking weird.

Before Erin or I could jump up and rush through the doorway, Jack pushes the
door closed with his foot. The once hopeful feeling I felt for all two seconds came crashing down on me like ice cold water.

"I am pleased to see that you both listened, and did not mess up your make up and hair." Jack smirks, pushing the trolly over to the kitchen table.

"Let us out!" Erin screamed, launching her self off of the couch. Her body heaves with furry as she stares Jack down.

Don't piss him off Erin!

"I told you. That will not be happening. You are both my dolls and you must stay with me. Don't worry. I will never let anything or anyone harm yall. Yall are both so precious to me." He whispered, as he begins to lay plates on the table. "Come sit my dolls. I hope you both like what I cooked. Shepherd's pie with an apple pie for dessert."

"No. We don't want to fucking sit down. We want to go home! Let us out!" Erin snarl, taking a step closer to Jack.

"Remember. Without me you will never get out of this room." Jack growled, pointing his finger down at the table while shooting Erin and I a disapproving look across his face. "Sit the fuck down! You do not want to be punished. I may not want to kill you both just yet, but I will make you pay for not obeying your owner."

"You are not our owner! We are not barbie dolls! We are real women! You can't just keep us locked away here! They will be looking for us!" I shouted, finally coming to my breaking point.

I did not want to follow in Erin's step and start fussing with Jack but I could not shut my mouth fast enough.

"How about this. Erin, if you do not sit the fuck down, I will make Ava pay for it. Ava is, you do not sit the fuck down, I will make Erin pay for it." Jack snarled, his hands clenching at his sides.

Erin and I look at each other, communicating with our eyes. Mine tells her we need to listen before one of us really gets hurt and Erin agrees.

As one we both slowly make our way to the dining table, both of us keeping our eyes locked on Jack in case he tries to do anything to one of us.

"Now, let our date begin." He smiles and takes his seat at the head of the table, and begins to hand out things from off the food cart. He has our three plates fixed already, he places glasses of wine next to our plates. "White or red wine my dolls?" He asked.

I hate wine.

Fucking hell.

I guess we need to try to make him happy, until we can figure something out. We could attack him maybe. We could maybe get him to confess the code.

"White" I say softly.

"Red." Erin, growls. She is just trying to make it difficult for him. She doesn't even like wine, and definitely not red wine. We tried some of my mothers once and we both spit it out. The taste was horrible.

"Ah. The perfect pair. How fortunate I am to have both of you. I almost gave up hope. My mother told me that I would never find a doll to fit the role I was looking for. That's why I needed two. She let me create this place. She wanted to keep me calm, and I told her I would no longer stay here if I could not decorate a room for myself." Jack says, handing us each pink plastic spoons and forks. They match the plastic pink plates, not his plate though. His is white.

"Where is your mother?" I asked him softly. She lives here? Would she get help for us once she knows what her son is doing?

"Dead. She broke one of my rules." He says sadly, his mouth turning down in a frown, looking like he misses her.


What does he mean? She broke one of his rules? Is he saying that he killed her? That he killed his own mother?

What the holy hell.

He killed his own mother?

"What rule?" Erin asked, eyeing the food on her plate.

No. Don't eat Erin.

"I'll go head and go over them so we can get back to enjoying our first date." He smirked, picking up his wine glass. He brings the glass to his mouth and quickly takes a sip. "I only have a few rules and if you both follow them, our lives will be the perfect dream. Rule number one if I come into this room, I do not care what you both are doing, I want you to go back into the position that I left you in. Rule number two is if I dressed you in something you can not take it off unless I dress you both. Rule number three if I am in this room you will not move unless I give each of you permission." He paused, looking at each of us for several seconds before he continues. "Rule five is if I am in this room, you will not speak unless I direct you to speak. Is all of the rules clear to you both?" He asked, slowly picking up his bread roll, taking a small bite as he stares us down. His eyebrow raised up over the top of his glasses.

"What rule did your mother break?" Erin asked again.

"She moved without my permission. I did not mean to stab her, I was just so upset that she sneezed. I trained her and taught her how to play dolls with me. She ruined it! She lied! She told me that she would do all this for me if I made sure to leave other women alone. I gave in and she still broke one of my rules. My main one." He growled, chest heaving.

Yeah. I guess his mother fucked with his mental state. Dolls are not supposed to move and his mother moving ruined the scene he was wanting. His mother should have called the cops. It seems like she knew what kind of monster he was, why allow him to stay free? He should be locked up!

"Now, do I need to go over the rules again?" He asked softly, looking between Erin and me again.

"No." I whispered. I understand them. Don't move, don't talk and don't change clothes. He actually wants to play with us as if we were actually dolls.

What happens if one of us is sick and we cough? Will he kill us?

Oh god. Please look over us until we can get out.

"I got it. You want us to be dolls. Sit and look pretty." Erin grunted, narrowing her eyes on Jack.

"Yes. That's exactly what I am expecting from my new dolls. Don't worry. You are both new to your roles now. I will give you both time to learn. However no more talking for you both tonight. I will feed you both, so no more moving as well. Let's see how good you both can follow the rules." He grins, picking up his fork, scooping up a good amount before bringing the edge of the fork over to Erin's mouth. "Open." He whispered, waiting to see if Erin will obey or not.

Please Erin. Just obey him.

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