Kidnapped Besties

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Chapter 9

Erin's terrified eyes met mine, and I saw the terror lurking within them. She, like me, is trying not to be terrified, but this is a frightening situation. We've been kidnapped by a pure psychopath. He truly desires for us to be his toys.

How are we supposed to act like dolls when we are real women? This is some sort of Toy story nonsense. When Andy goes into the room, all of the toys just fall to the floor. That's precisely what he wants both of us to do.

"No." I swear all my breath fled my body when Erin growled. I can't believe she just said that.

She is crazy. Pissing him off isn't going to help.

"No fucking talking! You're destroying it!" Jack yelled, slamming the fork against her lips and yelling at her to open her red-painted mouth.

Her eyes are determined as she shakes her head. Erin, now is not the time to be arrogant. We have no idea what he'll do if we irritate him too much. He's previously admitted to murdering his own mother. If someone harms their own mother, they must be insane.

"Doll. You are making me mess up your beautiful lip stick! Open your fucking mouth." Jack snarled angrily, his cheeks flushed.

Erin leapt to her feet faster than I could react, grabbing one of the plates on the table and slamming it over Jack's face.

He was thrown backwards and slammed into the ground by the power. With fear in my eyes, I watch. I can't believe she did that! We're stuck in this place if he dies.

God. I don't want to die of hunger.

"Erin!" I cried, completely shocked and scared at the same time.

"You fucking bitch!" Jack spit, a hard emotionless smirk pkaying on his face as he looked up at Erin.

"Ava, please help me!" Erin screamed as she leapt on top of Jack and smacked him in the head once more.

"Erin! Please don't kill him!" I screamed at her and pushed myself backwards in my chair. The sound of it crashing to the ground makes me jump.

"Stop it! I'm only trying to provide you with a happy, beautiful life! My dolls are my favorite." Jack's rambling merely adds to Erin's rage. "You're supposed to be following my rules!" He growls, attempting to fight Erin while also covering his head.

"We are not your fucking dolls. We're leaving! Ava Please help me. We will make him tell us the code." She yelled and slammed the plate on his skull.

He is not moving anymore.

Oh god.

Did she kill him?

"Erin! Is he dead? We're going to die of hunger in here! Oh, no. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck," I said it again and again, attempting to catch my breath.

I'm afraid I'm going to pass out.

"No. He's been knocked unconscious. Ava. I need you to concentrate. I need you to find me something that we could use to tie him up." She screamed, holding the plate over his head and keeping a watchful eye on him.

"Erin, this is insane, and it's only going to piss him off." I sobbed and began looking for a way to bind him.

This is completely crazy, but it could be our only way out before he harms us. At the very least, we must try.

My blood is pumping so fast that my heart feels like it's about to explode as I hurriedly scan the room. There's nothing we could use in here, and practically everything is a ruse. It's largely made of plastic. The lamp cords are fake, and they aren't even plugged into the wall.

When my gaze falls on the bed, the only choice I see is the bed sheets. Would that work? It's possible that it'll be thin enough.

"Hurry up, Ava, before he wakes up!" Erin yelled at me, pushing me to sprint across the room and yank the sheet from the bed.

"I'm trying!" I sobbed as I struggled to separate the tangled mess of sheets and blankets.

"That's not going to work, Ava! We're going to need some kind of rope or something!" Erin screams, slamming her body into his, straddling his hips and holding his body down.

"Erin, there isn't anything! Everything in this room is fake!" I screamed, my mind cracking a little from the stress I'm experiencing right now. He's not going to just hand over the code. I'm not sure what she's thinking. What in the world am I thinking?

"Just bring it here! He is starting to move." She screamed, horror lighting across her face at what she had just done.

"Here." I rush to her and toss the sheet in her direction.

"Help me turn him over." She moaned and climbed off of Jack, never losing grasp of the half-broken dish in her hand.

We flipped him over onto his stomach and pulled his arms behind his back as quickly as we could. We wrapped the sheet over his hands repeatedly, both of us pushing with all of our might to ensure that it would keep his hands together.

"Let's get him on his chair. We'll keep him tied up until he tells us the damn code. I can't wait to watch this jerk suffer in jail for this horrible shit." She hissed and yanked his chair back to its original position.

"I'm hoping this works." I whispered, wrapping my arms around his shoulders, pushing him to sit up.

He's not a big guy, but his lifeless weight makes him feel like he's hundreds of pounds heavier. Erin and I are both about a hundred and fifteen pounds.

"Damn." When we eventually got him into the chair, Erin groaned, moving her shoulders around in small circles. "Go get the other sheet from the bed. We're going to wrap it around him just to make sure he cant get free." She remarked this as she dashed towards the kitchen in search of whatever it was she was looking for.

I instantly raced over to the bed and swiftly pulled the fitted sheet off as she said. I watch as my yank sends the pink and white pillows flying off the bed.

"What are you looking for, Erin?" I asked as I dashed back to Jack and began wrapping the sheet around him.

My attention is drawn to Erin's loud activity in the kitchen. When I turn to face her, I see her tearing through the kitchen cabinets, pulling them open and not even closing them as she digs her hand inside and moves whatever is within.

"Something sharp! A knife! Fork! There's nothing! It's all made of fucking plastic. Look at this shit!" She snarls, a palastic pink knife in her hand. "Ava, everything is a fake. It's like playing with toys. You know the ones that come with children's play kitchens?"

What the hell is this?

This guy is just too into this creepy shit.

Everything, and I mean everything, in this room is plastic, except the bed, couch, and fridge, as any little girl who played with barbies knows. The fucking stove is also a ruse, with no buttons and only stickers for knobs.

"He's completely crazy. All I want to do is see my parents." My tears began to trickle down my cheeks as I murmured.

I'm hoping this works out. I'm hoping we can get out of here as quickly as possible. Our parents will be extremely worried about us.
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