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The Lost Property

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An archaeologist dies after leaving behind his last will about his hidden property. This property with no hint about it's whereabouts has to be found by his grandaughter. Yoonah Johnson, a young girl is destined to solve the mystery when the right time will arrive...

Thriller / Mystery
Snitch Seeker
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The Funeral

The sun came up with the a sad smile lining the sky. It was not really an happy morning for Yoonah who was a pretty twenty year old blonde girl. She was the only child in Johnson family. It was the funeral of her grandfather for which she was getting ready, however her sadness could be replaced by the curiosity for the last will her grandfather left behind.
Yoonah with her Mother and Father was now heading towards the cemetery. While sitting in the back seat of the car she could think about the happiest day spent with her beloved grandfather. Playing childishly with her in the garden, talking about his old days, getting emotional over his old memories, going for theaters without the permission of her politician Father and busy-in-household work Mother, eating street food of London and filling her mind with strange thoughts and her sleep with beautiful dreams through his mysterious fairy tales, were those little activities of Grandfather which could switch her mood as magically as a magician could. Grandfather was the famous archaeologist of his times and also used to tell stories abut different discoveries to Yoonah which was another characteristic of his liked by her.
Although these were the only assets Grandfather left behind, Yoonah thought. But she will surely came to know...
There they arrived at the cemetery, presented the flowers to Grandfather and returned to the house.
The Johnson Family lived in a large three storey farmhouse. A basement where nearly no one had been except Grandfather before his sick death and his one servant, Fred. The top floor had two rooms, a guest room and Yoonah's room. There was also a living room with a terrace.The ground floor was all of her Mother and Father with their bedroom, lounge, living room, a kitchen and a long hallway with doors to all the rooms. The top floor also known as "Yoonah's Floor" was all white and pink with large windows giving the view of a green, colorful garden and allowing the sunlight through transparent windows into the house. It was an appealing little world to Yoonah Her bedroom was the largest in the house and had a separate wall to all the read and unread books from ceiling to floor which she loved for her life. A comfy double bed with so many pillows and soft cushions with lamps on each side. The ceiling held it's own grace with white LED lights and chillers. A modern style bathroom and a dressing room of her own choice. She held the beauty on her own which suited her world. Yoonah Johnson was a blonde girl with white skin and crystal blue eyes and taller and slim.
But her beauty would not help her in solving an upcoming mystery...
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