Dark Sight (The Awakening Part One)

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I am standing in front of a large building, its structure broken down from years of mistreatment and harsh weather. The wind picks up, sending tendrils of hair flying in front of my face.

Stay out, a voice whispers in the back of my mind. This voice is not one I have heard before, male and obviously not my own.

I shake off the strange voice and enter the building anyway. The inside is just as barren as I assumed it would be, the support beams shaking unsteadily against the rapidly approaching storm.

An unpleasant chill crawls across my skin, my stomach twisting around itself.

I shouldn’t be here but, instead of turning back, something about this place draws me in deeper.

Something is following me.

I can’t see it but I can feel it, lurking in the darkest corners as it waits for me to drop my guard. I can feel it watching me, the coldness of its touch only inches from my skin.

The fragile beams creak above me eerily, particles of dust floating down to greet me.

You need to leave, the voice whispers. You shouldn’t be here.

“Is someone there?” I shout into the darkness, trying to prove to myself that the voice is not only in my head.

Something stirs in the corner in the room next to me and I walk into it, ignoring every warning sign my brain sends to the rest of me. The pounding of my heart grows louder, its steady rhythm ringing in my ears.

You’re not ready for this, the voice warns.

“I know you’re in here!”

The darkness in the corner grows thicker, slowly leeching the last remaining light from the room. Something icy wraps itself around me, tightening its grip until my chest is full of lead and I can barely breathe.

Makenna, get out now!

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