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Thriller / Mystery
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Charlotte's First day

Scene 1 opens with Charlotte waking up

Charlotte: *yawns, stretches arms, and slightly chuckles* Today’s the day! *leaps out of bed* I’m so glad that Eli kept his promise and sent me that e-vite to Cattle Call Camp! *cheers* *runs out of bedroom and into kitchen* Morning, mom!

Charlotte’s Mom: Good morning, sweetie! You must be very excited to go to Cattle Call Camp today, am I right?

Charlotte: I’m so very excited! *cheers*

Charlotte’s Mom: It’s a good thing you’ve packed your luggage and left it by the front door, huh?

Charlotte: Oh, yes! *doorbell rings* He’s here! *runs to the front door and opens it* Eli!

Eli: Charlotte! *hugs Charlotte* *walks inside Charlotte’s house* Hello, Ms. Miller.

Charlotte’s Mom: Hello, Eli!

Eli: Are you ready to go to Cattle Call, Charlotte?

Charlotte: You bet! But first... *walks over to her mom and hugs her* I love you.

Charlotte’s Mom: I love you, too, Charlotte.

Charlotte: See you in a week.

Charlotte’s Mom: Alright. You guys stay safe there!

Eli and Charlotte: We will!

Charlotte: *grabs luggage and walks out the front door with Eli*

Eli: So, what do you want to do first when we get there?

Charlotte: Well, I’m going to meet new people! *places luggage in backseat of car and climbs into passenger’s seat*

Eli: *climbs into driver’s seat* That makes one of us. *starts driving to Cattle Call Camp*

Charlotte: I’m excited to meet new people!

Charlotte: So, Eli, how was your school year?

Eli: To be honest, it was hectic. Piano lessons twice a week, every week throughout the year. It gets tiring after a while. And homework didn’t help me break from piano lessons in the least.

Charlotte: Oh, I’m sorry. But did you still get good grades and are doing better in piano lessons?

Eli: Well... yeah, of course I did. That’s what my parents wanted and that’s what they got.

Charlotte: That’s good. *smiles*

Eli: What about you? How was your school year?

Charlotte: It was fine. Nothing much changed this year compared to the last except for I’m a grade higher now.

Eli: I hear that.

Charlotte: But that just means we’re that much closer to graduating!

Eli: Thank goodness.

Charlotte: And when we graduate, we can start our own band!

Eli: I’m shocked we haven’t done that during our free time yet.

Charlotte: We’ve been really busy this year, though.

Eli: You’re right. It feels like the older we get, the busier we get.

Charlotte: At least we have enough free time to go to Cattle Call Camp, right?

Eli: Yeah. Maybe we could start a band while we’re there!

Charlotte: Yes! And we can possibly get other people there to join our band!​

Eli: *hesitantly* Yeah.

Charlotte: Oh, relax. It’ll work out!

Eli: I guess you’re right. That would definitely help with our socializing.

Charlotte: See? That’s another reason why we should start a band with other people besides ourselves.

Eli: *sighs with frustration* Okay.

Charlotte: I just really can’t wait to get there!

(To Cattle Call Camp I Go starts playing)

Charlotte: *singing slowly* I can’t believe it’s finally here. I’m gonna go the best place ever. I can’t wait i just want to cheer. Waited for this day forever.

Eli: *drives a couple hundred more feet and pulls into Cattle Call Camp parking lot* We’re here!

Charlotte: *cheers and jumps out of the car*

Eli: *climbs out of driver’s seat and opens backseat door* Don’t forget your luggage. *grabs his luggage*

Charlotte: *opens other backseat door and grabs her luggage*

Eli: Let’s go get ourselves signed in.

Charlotte: Yes!

Both: *run to main cabin, walk inside and towards the sign in desk*

Mr. Paris: Hello, guys. Have you signed in already?

Eli: No, we haven’t.

Mr. Paris: Okay then. Just sign your names right here. *points at the bottom of the waiver on the desk*

Both: *sign their names on waiver*

Mr. Paris: Thank you both. Have a wonderful rest of your day.

Charlotte: We will! *turns around and continues singing, slightly faster* To Cattle Call Camp to perform and sing. To meet the cast, and make new friends. This will be the greatest. The music will be in the air. A chance to become a star, something we all can share. The songs will be only the start. To Cattle Call Camp I go, to share songs and fame. To meet the cast and new faces, and make new friends on my own. This will be the greatest day of all, oh. Today will be the day, to sing with others. All I could ever say, is hooray and another. I wonder what I will do? What will I get to see? Camp will be so good too! I bet it’ll be the best time to be! To Cattle Call Camp I go, to share songs and fame. To meet the cast and new faces, and make new friends on my own. This will be the greatest day of all, oh. Oh, I’ll get to sing to a crowd with music higher than the clouds. To Cattle Call Camp I go. To Cattle Call Camp I go!

(To Cattle Call Camp I Go stops playing)

Eli: Did you really need to sing? People are watching us.

Charlotte: I don’t care! I love singing!

Eli: Okay, but don’t expect me to be singing like a duet or anything.

Charlotte: *sing-song* You’ll be missing out.

Eli: *sing-song* Oh, well.

Charlotte: *normal voice* Oh cheer up, Eli. We’ll have fun, you’ll see.

Eli: Okay. Let’s go put our luggage away and then we can socialize, as you sang about a moment ago.

Charlotte: Okay!

Scene 1 ends with Charlotte and Eli walking to cabins to put luggage away

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