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It must end

Scene 10 opens with the Conductor holding his microphone firm in the air, getting ready to swing it

Conductor: I’ve waited for this for far too long!

Charlotte: No!

(Killer Jam’s Return starts playing)

Killer Jam: *voice-over* I’ve made my entrance clear. There is no need to fear. I’ll take on this Conductor, and start my introduction. *kicks back entrance door to kitchen open and walks into kitchen* *normal* I’m here to stop your evil ways. I’m here to end your plans today. I’m Killer Jam and I won’t back down. You’re here to cause trouble of your own. I won’t let you finish your plans today. So you’re the one starting trouble; After a dream but went too far. Thinking you can make it double, to get your way in as a star. I’m here to stop your evil ways. I’m here to end your plans today. I’m Killer Jam and I won’t back down. You’re here to cause trouble of your own. I won’t let you finish your plans today. You need to wake up from your wrongs, this isn’t going to help you. You have gone on for far too long; See past this path to something new. I’m here to stop your evil ways. I’m here to end your plans today. I’m Killer Jam and I won’t back down. You’re here to cause trouble of your own. I won’t let you finish your plans today. Don’t let this consume you because what they said is untrue! But I won’t let this work, before it becomes worse!

(Killer Jam’s Return stops playing)

Conductor: Wait a second? Your name is… Killer Jam?

Killer Jam: Yes, like I just said several times in that song.

Conductor: *scoffs* And you think you can just waltz in here and sing about how you’re gonna defeat me?

Killer Jam: Oh, indeed, I think I can!

Conductor: How the heck did you even get here?!

Killer Jam: I’ve been at this camp since day one. I knew that there was something up as soon as Eric Stallion had supposedly ‘disappeared.’ And that’s when I did some investigating.

Conductor: Shut your hole, phantom of the opera! Besides, Charlotte here thought she could prove that I was here all along, but she thought she could do that with a piece of paper she found!

Charlotte: I was a symbol!

Conductor: Of the camp’s logo! I completely and utterly fooled you there. And now, it’s time for Mr. Paris here to pay his price! *holds his microphone in the air, getting ready to hit Mr. Paris*

Killer Jam: No! *grabs the Conductor’s arm*

(Conducting the Jam starts playing)

Conductor: So, you really do wanna play hero, huh? *punches Killer Jam in the face and kicks him backwards*

Killer Jam: *lands on his back and gets back up on his feet*

Conductor: *swings his microphone at Killer Jam*

Killer Jam: *dodges microphone and throws a punch at the Conductor*

Conductor: *sidesteps Killer Jam’s punch and hits him in the neck*

Killer Jam: *kicks backwards at the Conductor’s knee*

Conductor: *groans in pain*

Killer Jam: *stands up and uppercuts the Conductor*

Conductor: *falls onto his back*

Killer Jam: *runs over to Charlotte and attempts to untie her*

Conductor: *gets up and grabs Killer Jam* Not today!

Killer Jam: *punches the Conductor in the side*

Conductor: *slams Killer Jam into a wall and backhands him*

Killer Jam: *shoves the Conductor and holds him against a counter*

Conductor: *grabs a serrated knife nearby and stabs Killer Jam in the shoulder*

Killer Jam: *shouts in pain, slams the Conductor onto the counter-top and slides him across it*

Conductor: *slides across the counter-top and lands on the floor on his side, then groans in pain*

Killer Jam: *winces as he pulls the knife out of his shoulder and begins cutting the rope tied to Charlotte’s hands behind her back*

Charlotte: Oh, my gosh! You need to get out of here now!

Killer Jam: Not until you and that man are safe!

Conductor: *walks up behind Killer Jam and smacks him in the back of his head with a microphone*

Killer Jam: *falls onto his stomach, knocked out*

(Conducting the Jam stops playing)

Conductor: Now who’s gonna save you?! This ‘Killer Jam’ has failed to do so, and that Eli kid?! I’ve locked him inside his cabin so he can’t break out!

Charlotte: *steps backwards away from the Conductor*

Conductor: *steps forward towards Charlotte* You have nowhere to run! There is nowhere for you to escape!

Killer Jam: *slowly gets up*

Conductor: And above all, there’s nothing you can do… to stop me!

Killer Jam: *grabs a frying pan, shouts and hits the Conductor in the head with the pan*

Conductor: *shouts in pain*

Killer Jam: *hits the Conductor thrice in the face with the frying pan*

Conductor: *stumbles back and forth trying to keep his balance*

Killer Jam: *uppercuts the Conductor with the frying pan*

Conductor: *falls to the ground, dazed*​

Charlotte: *runs over to the Conductor* Looks like your show’s been cancelled, Conductor.

Killer Jam: *grabs the Conductor and stands him on his feet*

Conductor: *groans in pain as he tries to keep himself up on his feet*

Charlotte: *grabs the mask and slowly takes it off of the Conductor’s face*

Conductor: *groans*

Charlotte: *gasps, then whispers* … Eli?

Eli: *grabs Killer Jam by the hair, knees him in the face, and shoves him aside*

Killer Jam: *shouts in pain and falls to his knees*

Eli: *grabs the serrated knife off the ground and swings the knife at Charlotte* Get away from me!!!

Charlotte: *jumps away from Eli* Eli, stop it, it’s me!

Eli: *breathes heavily, still holding the knife*

Charlotte: It’s me, Charlotte. Your best friend.​

Eli: *whispers* That’s what I thought. *normal* You were my best friend… until you decided to take Mr. Paris’s side.

Charlotte: What has Mr. Paris done to you?!

Eli: You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

Charlotte: Just tell me!

Eli: He rejected me several times. He made me feel worthless, just like my parents did.

Charlotte: I’m sure they didn’t…

Eli: My parents hated my conducting! And so did Mr. Paris!

Charlotte: But…

Eli: They made me want to die, Charlotte! Do you have any idea how that feels?!

Charlotte: I…

Eli: Of course not! Everybody loves you! All I’ve ever wanted was to feel loved! *gets teary-eyed* You know how it feels to be loved, right?!

Charlotte: Eli…

Eli: *starts crying* I have never felt loved in my entire life…

Killer Jam: *stands up slowly, holding his jaw* Eli… it’s not about getting attention and feeling this ‘worldly’ love that you’re talking about.

Eli: What is it about then?!

Killer Jam: I do believe that you are a very talented man, but you can’t choose revenge as the path to take when you’re angry.

Eli: Even after those people made me want to die?!

Killer Jam: Eli, you can’t let what people say get to you. That’s Satan’s way of attacking you.

Eli: *drops serrated knife*

Killer Jam: In the Bible, 1 John 4:19 says, ‘We love because He first loved us.’ And Romans 12:10 says this: ‘Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.’

Eli: How can I love someone if I haven’t felt loved?

Killer Jam: Proverbs 10:12, ‘Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all offenses.’

Eli: I’m supposed to love others even though I didn’t feel loved?

Killer Jam: Yes. You can’t share the hate that you were shown because that hate can turn you away from your friends and your loved ones.

Eli: *puts his hands on the back of his head, lays his head on the counter, and starts crying*

Charlotte: *walks up to Eli and hugs him* Eli.

Eli: I can’t keep doing this anymore. I can’t keep taking my anger out of you guys!

Charlotte: I forgive you, Eli.

Eli: *hugs Charlotte back as he continues crying*

Killer Jam: *walks over to Mr. Paris and unties him*

Mr. Paris: Thank you… whoever you are. *stands up*

Killer Jam: I think you should talk to him.

Mr. Paris: Eli.

Eli: *looks over at Mr. Paris and stops crying*

Mr. Paris: *stammers* I’m… I’m so… so sorry for the way I treated you. I truly apologize for rejecting you and turning you away. *walks over to Eli and hugs him* I’m so sorry. *starts sobbing*

Eli: *hugs Mr. Paris back* I’m sorry too.

Mr. Paris: For what? You had every right to try and ruin the performance this weekend.

Eli: I know, but doing that wouldn’t have made me feel any better.

Both: *stop hugging each other*

Eli: Now, Mr. Paris, I believe we have a show to put on.

Scene 10 ends

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