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The Meeting

Scene 12 opens with Eli walking up to a bench where Killer Jam is sitting

Eli: Hey, man. *sits down next to Killer Jam*

Killer Jam: Hey! I’m glad you could make it.

Eli: Same. Hey, before we start talking and stuff, can I ask one question?

Killer Jam: Go ahead.

Eli: What’s your real name?

Killer Jam: My real name *takes off mask and wig* *normal voice* is Jerald Harriet.

Eli: Cool.

Jerald: So, tell me, Eli, what made you love conducting?

Eli: I was 5 years old and my parents took me to a play. I think it was ‘Phantom of the Opera.’ But, I was listening to the music and I saw the conductor, waving his baton to make certain people start and stop and I was mesmerized.

Jerald: That sounds neat.

Eli: It was!

Jerald: And you’ve wanted to be a conductor ever since?

Eli: Yeah, but sadly, that was one of the only good memories I have of my parents.

Jerald: Are your parents… dead?

Eli: No, they’re definitely alive.

Jerald: Okay, but what makes you say that about them?

Eli: They never supported me in anything that I enjoyed doing. They just wanted me to be a pianist, so they signed me up for piano lessons and every time I messed up a note or a chord, they shunned me.

Jerald: I’m sorry to hear that.

Eli: I’m slowly getting over it.

Jerald: Well that’s good.

Eli: Lemme ask you something, why do you wear a mask and call yourself ‘Killer Jam?’

Jerald: Last year, I went to this camp called the Filming Arts & Acting Industry. I attended it with some friends of mine and there, I met a guy named Craig Stevenson. He seemed like a nice guy until he auditioned for the upcoming Musicale and didn’t get the part he wanted.

Eli: Which was…?

Jerald: He wanted to be the main character in the Musicale.

Eli: Ah, okay.

Jerald: He was furious and actually threatened to sabotage the Musicale if he wasn’t given the main character’s role right then and there.

Eli: Oh, my gosh, dude!

Jerald: That’s where my friends and I came in.

Eli: What’d you guys do?

Jerald: We dressed up and basically started ‘kidnapping’ the other students until Craig decided he wanted to change and be content with what he was given.

Eli: So you dressed up to teach him a lesson?

Jerald: Well, yeah. I named myself Killer Jam, my friends were Blood Bass, Sadistic Synth, and Dead Drum.

Eli: Oh wow.

Jerald: Yeah, but we had a great time.

Eli: Is that all you did as Killer Jam?

Jerald: Actually, on Halloween night, my friends and I were locked indoors at Jolly’s and we had to fight a crazed employee in a suit.

Eli: What?!

Jerald: Yeah, and thankfully, we all made it out of there without any serious injuries and the dude was arrested.

Eli: Dude, you have a crazy life.

Jerald: Well, everyone has something crazy to do in their lifetime.

Eli: For better or for worse.

Jerald: Mm-hmm. Enough about me, it’s time to talk about you.

Eli: Oh boy, here we go.

Jerald: Are you an only child?

Eli: Yeah, but my parents didn’t really want kids. They showed me through their actions.

Jerald: Oh.

Eli: And when they rejected me like that, I started getting angry. Then others started rejecting me and that’s how I became ‘The Conductor.’

Jerald: But after last week, I’m sure you can forgive them for what they’ve done.

Eli: Yeah, I do forgive them.

Jerald: Good.

Eli: I just wish that my past wasn’t so… depressing.

Jerald: God puts obstacles in our lives for us to deal with so we can build our faith. Satan is the one that wants you to give up, but God wants to help pull you through your struggles and hardships.

Eli: Really?

Jerald: Of course! I wouldn’t be alive today if it wasn’t for God watching over me and helping me out.

Eli: Geez.

Jerald: You not continuing to follow through on your plan to stop that performance was God turning you away from that hate.

Eli: And Satan was the one encouraging me to try and stop it?

Jerald: Yes. Satan is a truly wicked, vile, disgusting being. And far worse.

Eli: It really sounds like it.

Jerald: That’s why Jesus came and died on the cross for us.

Eli: Why would someone die on a cross for other people?!

Jerald: He died so that he could wash everyone’s sin away. Jesus was God’s son.

Eli: God had a son?

Jerald: Jesus’s mom, Mary, got pregnant with Jesus even though she was a virgin.

Eli: What?!

Jerald: Yeah, the Bible is filled with some really… indescribable things.

Eli: I’ll have to read this Bible sometime.

Jerald: I always carry a pocket Bible with me. *pulls pocket Bible out of pocket*

Eli: Dude, that is small!

Jerald: Yeah, but it’s packed full of countless stories, morals, and a whole lotta other stuff.

Eli: Can I check it out?

Jerald: Be my guest. *hands Eli the pocket Bible*

Eli: *starts flipping through pages and skimming through verses*

Jerald: I think you should keep it.

Eli: Keep this? Are you sure?

Jerald: I’ve got plenty more at my place.

Eli: Dude, thanks!

Jerald: I’d recommend starting with Genesis.

Eli: What’s Genesis?

Jerald: It’s the first book of the Bible. It talks about the beginning.

Eli: The beginning of what?

Jerald: The beginning of… well, everything, really.

Eli: That’s ridiculous!

Jerald: But it’s true. The very first verse in the Bible is Genesis 1:1 and it says, ‘In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth.’

Eli: So, Earth, was created by God?!

Jerald: Yep.

Eli: I can only imagine what else he created.

Jerald: Us.

Eli: Pfft, yeah. *scoffs*

Jerald: So, Eli, there’s a camp that’ll be opened for an entire month, well, not exactly a camp, but more of a program that I think you’d be interested in.

Eli: What’s it called?

Jerald: I don’t remember the name of the program, but I know that it’ll take place at the LightHouse Theater.

Eli: LightHouse Theater?!

Jerald: Yeah, one of the biggest production studios in the state.

Eli: Count me in!

Jerald: I’ll be going there as well and so will some of my friends.

Eli: Do you think I could invite a friend of mine?

Jerald: Of course!

Eli: Okay, and I’ll be bringing this along too. *places pocket Bible in front pocket*

Jerald: Good thinking. Oh, by the way, *pulls out Conductor’s mask from inside his jacket*

Eli: The Conductor’s mask?

Jerald: I insist you keep it.

Eli: Why? What if something bad happens while I wear it?

Jerald: I’ll be here to help, and so will the Lord. *hands the mask to Eli*

Eli: *holds the mask in his hands*

Jerald: You can still wear a mask and still do good things, Eli.

Eli: *looks at the mask carefully, then puts it on*

Jerald: Now, we’d better go get ourselves signed up for that program before the spots are filled… Conductor.

Eli: *as Conductor* You know that’s right, Killer Jam.

Jerald: *puts mask and wig on* *as Killer Jam* Let’s go put on a show!

Both: *walk away*

(Screen fades to black and extra credits start rolling)

Scene 12 ends

The End

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