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Getting a Band together

Scene 2 opens with Charlotte and Eli walking up to Eric Stallion and his band

Charlotte: He seems like a nice guy! *points at Eric Stallion*

Eric: *looks over at Charlotte and Eli*

Eli: This is why people say it’s not nice to point at others.

Eric: Who are you?

Charlotte: My name is Charlotte! And this is my best friend, Eli!

Eli: *waves slightly*

Eric: Why are you here?

Charlotte: I love singing and Eli is an amazing pianist!

Eric: Pianist, you say?

Eli: Yeah, I play the piano some, but I also have done some conducting and choir leading.

Eric: *scoffs* Are you serious?

Eli: Yeah. Do you have a problem with that?

Eric: Is that why you’re just a pianist?

Genevieve and Geoff: *walk up to Eric, Eli, and Charlotte*

Eric: *looks over at Genevieve and Geoff* Oh, hey guys.

Geoff: Who are you guys?

Charlotte: I’m Charlotte and this is my best friend, Eli.

Geoff: Hmm. Do you guys play any instruments?

Eli: I’m a pianist.

Charlotte: I don’t really play instruments, but I love singing.

Genevieve: That’s neat. Geoff play the drums really well.

Geoff: And Genevieve kills it on the bass!

Eric: Say, maybe if you guys are good at what you do, you could maybe join our band.

Charlotte: Oh, my gosh! That would be so awesome! Wouldn’t it, Eli?!

Eli: Well…

Eric: All right. We’ll be rehearsing tonight in the stadium. If you really want to join our band, don’t be late.

Charlotte: Okay, we’ll see you there!

Eric: Okay. *walks away with Geoff and Genevieve*

Charlotte: Oh, my gosh! I can’t believe we’re actually going to be in their band! Aren’t you excited?!

Eli: Eh. I’ve got mixed feelings about that dude.

Charlotte: He doesn’t seem that bad, Eli. Give him a chance.

Eli: *sighs* Fine.

Charlotte: Eli, hurry! We can’t miss the rehearsal!

Eli: I’m right behind you.

Both: *walk into performance lodge*

Eric: Well, looks like you guys actually made it.

Eli: You thought we wouldn’t?

Eric: Now, don’t be defensive… Ellie?

Eli: It’s Eli.

Eric: Whatever. At least you made it.

Charlotte: So, when do we start practicing?

Eric: How good can you sing?

Charlotte: *starts vocalizing*

Eric: Oh… wow.

Charlotte: *stops vocalizing*

Eric: You have a beautiful singing voice!

Eli: Hey, Eric. Where are Geoff and Genevieve?

Eric: They’re backstage getting ready to rehearse.

Eli: Mmkay.

Eric: Let’s head backstage so we can start. We’re going to be going up against the Stage Frighteners later tonight for this show Mr. Paris wants to put on.

Charlotte: That sounds awesome! What’s our band name going to be?

Eric: I was thinking about the name ‘Orchestrators.’

Charlotte: Ooh, I love it!

Eli: I’m assuming you and the others are into orchestra?

Eric: We do some orchestra, but we mainly play rock or pop music.

Charlotte: Oh, my gosh, I love rock and pop music!

Eric: Well, you’ll fit perfectly into our band then.

All: *start walking backstage*

Eli: Hey, Eric. Are Geoff and Genevieve like, brother and sister or something?

Eric: Yeah, how’d you know?

Eli: Both of their names start with ‘G’ and they both seem to love music, for starters.

Eric: How does that make them related?

Eli: Their eyes both look alike too.

Eric: Hmm.

Geoff: *grabs a pair of drumsticks* Oh, hey Eric. Charlotte. Eli.

Charlotte: Hey, Geoff! Are you ready to rehearse or what?!

Geoff: I am, but Genevieve isn’t. She’s still trying to get her bass tuned correctly.

Eric: Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll get it tuned in no time.

Genevieve: *picks up her bass and walks over to the others* Okay, I’m finally ready.

Eric: Told you so.

Geoff: *scoffs*

Eric: Let’s start rehearsing before the Stage Frighteners show up.

Geoff: *sits at his drumset*

Genevieve: *plugs amp cord into bass*

Eric: *plugs amp cord into guitar*

Eli: *sits at metal piano*

Charlotte: *stands in front of microphone on stand*

Geoff: *clicks his drumsticks four times at 75 BPM*

All Students: *sit in chairs in performance lodge*

Mr. Paris: *walks onto stage* Students of Cattle Call Camp, I brought you all here tonight to show you some very talented bands that would like to perform in the show I’m putting on later.

All Students: *cheer*

Mr. Paris: And now, without further ado, give it up for the Stage Frighteners!

All Students: *cheer*

Billy: *sits at drumset and clicks his drumsticks four times at 94 BPM*

Ken: *starts playing electric guitar* I try to tell myself that it’s no different than the words I heard in my head. But this new feeling of dread; my words are but whispers, and I can feel a thousand eyes… trained on me!

Stage-fright, starlight! First star to fall tonight and as you look out to the crowd, stare into your fate! You can’t help but close your eyes, wishing that you could escape!

Act one complete, they say they loved me! The crowd went wild! Oh, the bloodthirsty cry! And I regret right now that this is my life! How can I survive the play when act three is the hero’s death scene?

Stage-fright, starlight! One little light will fade tonight; choked by its own radiance and as you look out to the crowd I want you to stare into your fate! Don’t close your eyes and look away! There’s no escape; you’re hear to stay!

Act three, the curtain falls dimmed by the rising sun. The auditorium empties; there’s silence consumed by the act. The hero falls, the struggle ends!

Stage-fright, starlight! The sun blocks its light as it looks down beyond clouds and stares into our fate, and until you shine again tonight, we shall wait...for an encore! *stops playing electric guitar*

Billy: *stops drumming*

All Students: *cheer and applaud*

Eli: Oh, man. These guys did good.

Charlotte: They were amazing!

Eric: They didn’t do too bad. Billy Travis and Ken York have always been band buddies with Billy drumming and Ken playing the guitar.

Charlotte: Are you saying that their band is made of just them?!

Eric: Yeah.

Charlotte: Oh, my gosh! That’s insane!

Geoff: But, the more the merrier. We’ll show everyone that we’re just as good as the Stage Frighteners because they did a great job up there!

Madison: *walks out from backstage towards Eric* Eric, you guys are up in just a moment.

Eric: *stands up* Thanks, Madison. Guys, come on.

Others: *stand up and follow Eric and Madison backstage*

Eric: We have to hurry and get ready because Mr. Paris is going to call us out any minute!

Charlotte: *starts breathing heavily* I’m so nervous.

Scene 2 ends

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