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Noises in the Night

Scene 4 opens with Charlotte waking up in the middle of the night

Charlotte: *throws blanket off onto bed and slowly sits up and yawns* Oh, man. *slips on slippers, walks to cabin door, opens it, walks out and quietly closes the door*

(Noises in the Night starts playing)

Charlotte: *walks through main cabin and notices a strange picture hanging from a wall* What the…? *walks over to the picture* Are those… piano keys?

Someone: *chuckles quietly but deeply*

Charlotte: *turns around quickly* Who’s there? *slowly starts walking away from the picture*

Someone: *grabs Charlotte’s shoulder from behind and turns her around*

(Noises in the Night stops playing)

Charlotte: *gasps and starts breathing quickly* Who are you?!

Someone: *deeply* I wave my hand around while holding a stick in my hand, by doing so, music will be performed by a band. Who… am… I?

Charlotte: *starts breathing slower* Are you… a conductor?

Someone: The Conductor to you.

Charlotte: What do you want?

Conductor: I want to ask you a very simply question. How would you like to help me… *places his hand on Charlotte’s shoulder* start my own band? Let me do my thing and conduct.

Charlotte: *smacks the Conductor’s hand away* No! Get away from me!

Conductor: Poor choice. You’ll be wishing you didn’t turn down our little… collaboration! I didn’t want there to be any complications.

Charlotte: What are you talking about?!

Conductor: There are consequences for poor choices, Miss Charlotte.

Charlotte: *stammers* How… how do you know my name?

Conductor: I know everyone’s names here.

Charlotte: Who are you… really?

Conductor: Trying to get me to spoil the fun? *chuckles slightly* I don’t think so.

Charlotte: *reaches for the Conductor’s mask*

Conductor: *grabs Charlotte’s hand* No… touching!

Charlotte: *struggles to make the Conductor release her hand*

Conductor: *releases Charlotte’s hand and steps closer to her* *whispers* Now, if you make any more disappointing decisions, I’m going to have to give you a callback.

Charlotte: What are you planning on doing to me?

Conductor: To you? Oh, no. You’ve got it all wrong. I’m planning on doing something… to everyone.

Charlotte: You can’t!

Conductor: That’s what they always say, but that’s not going to stop me from trying.

Charlotte: Trying to do what?!

Conductor: Let’s just say, I’ll put on a show. One everyone will remember.

Charlotte: Not unless…

Conductor: Unless what, Miss Charlotte?! Unless you warn them?! They won’t believe you! You won’t have any proof! Now, if I hear anything about you meeting me, there will be complications! *walks away from Charlotte*

Charlotte: *waits for the Conductor to be out of sight before walking towards the picture on the wall* Well, looks like I do have proof *takes picture off of wall* right here. *walks back to her cabin*

Conductor: *scoffs* Let’s see if I bumped into anyone else tonight. *walks into performance lodge and onto the stage* Now now, let’s see if anyone’s trespassed onto my territory. *walks backstage and spots Eric attempting the cut piano strings inside a grand piano*

Eric: Come on, come on, come on! *shouts* Stupid thing!

Conductor: *walks up to Eric slowly*

Eric: Come on! Why won’t this stupid wire break?!

Conductor: Doesn’t seem very… high strung, am I right?

Eric: *jumps and turns around to face the Conductor* Who are you?

Conductor: Who do you think I am?

Eric: *scoffs* Come on, Ken. Stop messing around. *reaches for the Conductor’s mask*

Conductor: *grabs Eric’s hand and shoves him back*

(Trembling Tremolo starts playing)

Eric: You wanna fight, huh? *shoves the Conductor twice* You like that?!

Conductor: *violently shoves Eric back*

Eric: *stumbles and falls*

Conductor: *walks over to Eric*

Eric: *grabs a guitar and hits the Conductor across the face*

Conductor: *holds his face and groans in pain as he grabs the guitar and throws it aside*

Eric: You’ve gotta be kidding me! That was my favorite one!

Conductor: Shut up! *grabs a microphone and socks Eric in the face* There you go. Now where should I put you?
(Trembling Tremolo stops playing)

Charlotte: *wakes up and notices that everyone in her cabin is gone* What the heck? *walks out of her cabin and into the main cabin where everyone else is located*

Mr. Paris: Students, I’m afraid I have some terrible news. *pauses for a moment* Eric Stallion has gone missing!

Students: *gasp and murmur*

Mr. Paris: Not to worry! We will find him, but in the meantime, go back to doing whatever it is you were doing. *dismisses students* Oh, Miss Charlotte, can I speak with you for a moment?

Charlotte: Sure. *walks up to Mr. Paris* What’s up?

Mr. Paris: Do you think you could continue singing without a guitarist?

Charlotte: Why?

Mr. Paris: Because the show must go on! At the end of the week, there’ll be an audience here at Cattle Call Camp watching everyone perform and I want you to practice so that your performance will be perfect!

Charlotte: Okay… are you sure about this?

Mr. Paris: Oh, absolutely!

Charlotte: Okay. I’ll do it.

Mr. Paris: *cheers* Thank you very much, Miss Charlotte. Now I must be off searching for that boy. *walks away from Charlotte*

Eli: *walks up to Charlotte* Hey, what was Mr. Paris talking to you about?

Charlotte: *sighs* He was asking me if I could still practice and perform without Eric.

Eli: And…?

Charlotte: I told him I could.

Eli: But don’t we need the guitarist? Isn’t he the leader of our band?

Charlotte: I guess, but Mr. Paris said the show must go on.

Eli: Without Eric? *scoffs*

Charlotte: Mr. Paris also told me that at the end of the week, everyone will be performing in front of an audience and that our performances must be perfect.

Eli: Geez. And you’re cool with all of this?

Charlotte: I really have much of a choice, Eli.

Eli: In that case, we'd better go get Geoff and Genevieve and tell them what’s going on too.

Charlotte: Okay.

Both: *walk together to find Geoff and Genevieve*

Scene 4 ends

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