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Scene 5 opens with Charlotte and Eli talking to Geoff and Genevieve

Geoff: That’s ridiculous. We can’t play without Eric! He’s our leader!

Genevieve: Geoff’s right, you guys. We don’t know what we’re supposed to do without him.

Charlotte: All we can do is practice until Eric is found unfortunately.

Eli: But we’re not practicing right now, are we? No, we’re standing here talking about how we don’t know how to play unless Eric tells us.

Geoff: Dude, chill out.

Eli: We all still know how to play our drums, or our basses, or our pianos, don’t we? We don’t need a guitarist to tell us how to play our instruments. Now, do you guys want to start practicing now?

All: *look at each other*

Geoff: You’re right. We can still play without Eric, but we’ll still need someone to lead.

All: *look at Charlotte*

Charlotte: You want me to lead?

Genevieve: You have a beautiful singing voice!

Geoff: You could totally lead our band!

Eli: And you’ve got the brightest spirit out of all of us, frankly.

Charlotte: Oh okay. I guess I could try and lead our band.

All: *cheer*

Charlotte: When should we start?

Geoff: How about now?

Charlotte: Okay. Let’s hurry!

Charlotte: *vocalizes*

Geoff: *drum rolls to beat of Charlotte’s vocalizing*

Genevieve: *tunes her bass*

Eli: *tries playing a low octave chord but can’t* *whispers* Come on.

Charlotte: *stops vocalizing*

Geoff: *stops drum rolling*

Charlotte: What’s wrong?

Eli: Look. *presses low octave chord with no sound producing*

Charlotte: What do you think happened?

Eli: I don’t know! *lifts the top of the piano* Great!

Charlotte: Oh my, gosh! Who could’ve done this?!

Eli: Who knows. *slams the top of the piano back down*

Charlotte: Can you still play?

Eli: I guess, but like, how can I play without any low keys?

Charlotte: We can all play on higher notes. We’ll just have to do that instead.

Eli: *sighs* Fine. But I don’t know why someone would do this. Trying to sabotage us or something.

Charlotte: Like that one kid tried doing last summer at that other camp?

Geoff: You heard about that incident too?!

Genevieve: Who hasn’t heard about that?!

Eli: Are you guys talking about the kid from the Filming Arts & Acting Industry?

Charlotte: Yeah, why?

Eli: Just wondering, what if he was here at this camp?
Geoff: Then we’d have to stand aside.

Charlotte: I doubt he’s here.

Eli: Okay, now that we’ve all kind of ranted about that incident, should we start practice?

Charlotte: Oh, yeah. Sorry, let’s hurry guys.

Conductor: *walks through the performance lodge in the middle of the night* Let’s see if anyone has wondered in here tonight. Catching them would bring me such delight! *walks backstage*

Genevieve: *tunes her bass guitar* *sighs with frustration* Why won’t this thing tune right? *continues trying to tune her bass*

Conductor: *walks up behind Genevieve* Out late in here tonight under a full moon? Only such poor choices can be made by poor little buffoons.

Genevieve: *jumps, turns around, and nearly screams but is interrupted by the Conductor*

Conductor: *shushes Genevieve* Now you don’t wanna wake anyone from their sleep, do you?

(Drop the Bass starts playing)

Genevieve: *stands up* *stammers* I’m not afraid… of you!

Conductor: Yeah, I can tell. *steps closer to Genevieve*

Genevieve: *steps further from the Conductor*

Conductor: If you really aren’t afraid, why don’t you take a step closer?

Genevieve: *looks around and stares at a snare drum*

Conductor: *looks at the snare drum and then at Genevieve* Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Genevieve: *grabs the snare drum and weakly throws it at the Conductor*

Conductor: *watches the snare drum land a few feet to his left*

Genevieve: *starts breathing heavily*

Conductor: *looks back and forth at the snare drum and Genevieve several times, then stares at Genevieve* Okay, *points at the snare drum* that was the most pathetic throw I’ve ever seen.

Genevieve: *gulps*

Conductor: *walks up to Genevieve and grabs her*

Genevieve: *gasps and struggles*

Conductor: You’re coming with me!

Genevieve: *tries screaming but cannot*

Conductor: *pulls Genevieve away and screen fades to black*

(Drop the Bass stops playing)

Charlotte: *wakes up, gets dressed, and walks to the performance lodge*

Mr. Paris: Students, I’m afraid I have more upsetting news. As you may have noticed, there is another student who has gone missing! But do not worry, our performance at the end of the week is still going on, but we must continue our search for Eric Stallion and Genevieve Richardson! Students dismissed!

Students: *murmur and walk away*

Mr. Paris: Miss Charlotte? A word, please.

Charlotte: *walks over to Mr. Paris*

Mr. Paris: Do you think you could still perform with just a pianist and a drummer? I… *clears throat* We really need to put on this show!

Charlotte: Okay, okay. I’ll continue practicing without a guitarist or bassist.

Mr. Paris: Oh, thank goodness!

Charlotte: Oh, Mr. Paris, can I ask you something?

Mr. Paris: Sure thing, my dear.

Charlotte: Have you ever wanted to be like a conductor or something?

Mr. Paris: Oh, of course! You know, back when I was your age, I led several different bands in many plays and musicals, but when I came of age, I inherited my father’s theater, and the very first show I put on *sighs* the people just kept booing me. *sniffles* I told them that I could put on a spectacular show someday. I told them that I’ll show them the conductor can do more than just conduct, that he can also put on a show!

Charlotte: And… that’s why you’re so eager for this weekend?

Mr. Paris: Yes! Definitely! I don’t want to disappoint anyone anymore! *walks away*

Charlotte: Hey, guys?

Eli: What?

Charlotte: I think something’s up with Mr. Paris.

Scene 5 ends

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