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The Show must carry on

Scene 7 opens with Charlotte and Eli talking to each other before they walk back to their cabins and go to bed

Charlotte: I can’t believe how fast this week is going by.

Eli: Yeah, especially with everything that’s been going on.

Charlotte: Right? But honestly I’m terrified because we could have been taken by the Conductor but we haven’t been.

Eli: I feel like we’re being protected by something, or someone.

Charlotte: You mean like God?

Eli: Yeah, yeah, like God.

Charlotte: We probably are being protected.

Eli: Just like Mr. Paris, Ken, Billy, Madison, and Geoff.

Charlotte: Are you being optimistic?!

Eli: *scoffs* Maybe.

Charlotte: See?! I knew you’d brighten up sooner or later!

Eli: Even at this time and place.

Charlotte: Yeah. *scoots closer to Eli*
Eli: We could just forget about the Conductor and whatever he wants with us and this camp, and we can just keep on practicing for the performance.​

Charlotte: I just hope that we can still practice without getting interrupted again.

Eli: Yeah, definitely.

Both: *look at each other and start leaning closer and closer to each other*

Eli: *leans away* We should probably get some sleep so we can practice our best.

Charlotte: Okay, sounds good.

Both: *stand up and walk to the cabins to go to sleep*

Conductor: *walks through the performance lodge and looks around* Let’s see who’s trespassed into my lair this time. *walks backstage* Oh, there’s no one back here for once.

(Conductor Combating starts playing)

Geoff: *throws a drumstick at the Conductor*

Conductor: *gets hit in the back of the head from flying drumstick, then turns around*

Geoff: *runs to the Conductor and tackles him down*

Conductor: *grabs Geoff and tosses him off, then stands up*

Geoff: *stands up and throws a punch*

Conductor: *catches Geoff’s fist* Let me give you a hand! *socks Geoff in the face with his microphone, knocking him out*

Geoff: *falls to the ground, knocked out*

(Conductor Combating stops playing)

Conductor: *exhales deeply* Why do you people keep coming in here this late at night?! *drags Geoff away* You people must not have seen what happens in the movies.

Students: *walk into performance lodge*

Mr. Paris: *rapidly breathes, then calms down* Students! Geoff Gardner, the drummer for the Orchestrators, has disappeared! I know that finding him and the others is crucial, but we still must continue to practice for the performance coming up in just a couple of days! If you are not practicing for the performance, you must be looking for the missing students! Dismissed!

Students: *scatter and walk away*

Charlotte: *walks over to Mr. Paris* Do you need to talk to me, Mr. Paris?

Mr. Paris: You and Eli will need continue practicing without the other band members. I’m sorry, but I cannot just cancel the performance! The show must carry on! *walks away*

Charlotte: *sighs*

Eli: *walks over to Charlotte* Are you feeling all right, Charlotte?

Charlotte: Mr. Paris wants you and I to continue practicing without the others for the performance.

Eli: *groans* I figured he would. He must be desperate.

Charlotte: Yeah, no kidding, but what do you think is going to happen? Do you think the Conductor is trying to tear apart the Orchestrators? Ever since we got more cheers than the Stage Frighteners, our band has been slowly “disappearing.”

Madison: *walks over to Eli and Charlotte* Okay, now it’s been all week since I’ve talked to you guys, I mean, thank God you two are still here! This disappearing stuff is seriously freaky!

Eli: Charlotte, do you have an idea of what he might want with us?

Charlotte: to tell you the truth… he told me not to tell you guys this, but he has something bad planned for everyone here at camp!

Madison: What?! I need to warn Mr. Paris about this!

Charlotte: Wait, Madison!

Madison: Wait for what?!

Charlotte: If we tell Mr. Paris now, then he’ll only freak out more about the performance!

Eli: Charlotte kind of has a point. Mr. Paris is already stressing out enough.

Madison: Okay, okay. But we need to do everything we can to make sure this… person, doesn’t do anything to ruin the show this weekend!

Charlotte: Mr. Paris is definitely going to help with that.

Madison: And I must be off so I can assist him. *walks away*

Eli: I never thought Madison would be so… hyped up about all of this.

Charlotte: Me neither.

Eli: Do you think anyone else is going to disappear?

Charlotte: I hope not. I’m terrified right now as it is, and I just praying that no one else will disappear.

Eli: Well…

Charlotte: I mean, this “Conductor” guy is probably the one behind the disappearances!

Eli: I wouldn’t doubt it.

Charlotte: But whoever’s under the mask must seriously be angry with someone about something to go and start taking people!

Eli: And we’re gonna teach him a lesson if he tries going after us.

Charlotte: Teach him a lesson that revenge isn’t the right choice when you’re angry with someone.
Eli: Exactly.

Charlotte: *walks into performance lodge, in the middle of the night* Hello? *looks around* Is anyone in here? *continues walking around* Conductor?
Conductor: *walks up behind Charlotte, grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth* You’ve got guts, Miss Charlotte. I told you not to tell anyone about seeing me, and now, I’m giving you the callback that you asked for! *walks Charlotte to the back of the lodge and tosses her into a dark room, then closes the door and locks it*

Charlotte: *starts breathing heavily* What do you want with me?!

Conductor: You’ve made some pretty disappointing choices, Miss Charlotte. And now, you’re locked inside this room with large bass amplifiers which are set to their highest settings, making the sound waves strong enough to burst one’s eardrums.

Charlotte: *walks up to the door and slams her fists against it* You can’t keep me in here forever!

Conductor: *walks away from the door*

Scene 7 ends

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