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The silent woods

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This is the story of a girl named Emily who runs away from home and reaches the silent woods…next she’s in a maze full of dangers…read to find whether she escapes in one piece or not. ( author: Samiksha Saraswati).

Thriller / Horror
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“Gosh that was a truly bad dream, why do I always get these dreams”, says Emily panting and sweat pouring dow n her body. Emily gets out of the bed and runs to the bathroom, she should have been a little concerned about the family get together. Finally she’s ready in her beautiful yellow bright dress. She gets to the hall elegantly to catch everyone’s eyes. As expected her mom is busy in chatting her father as usual playing ball pool and her sister screaming running and jumping with kids. Poor Emily already had enough when her mom pulled and said “ why don’t you score good marks like other do just look at your sister she is dedicated to studies “, “ok then, I’ll just leave you and ur stupid little daughter”, she ran outside the house with tears. It was not long until she reached a dense forest. She sat beneath a tree and started recalling all the bitter memories she had with her family. Just when she started to get a little sleepy a sharp ping notice ran through the bushes and trees. She looked around and saw nothing she thought it was just her imagination. But she couldn’t get back to sleeping. Different thoughts ran through her mind about the noise. Finally she got up on her legs and started walking towards the direction from where the noise came from. She once again looked around but suddenly she was confused and somewhat dizzy. Finally she spotted a bow and arrow swinging from a long black tree. She couldn’t balance herself and ends up falling to the ground unconscious. Nest thing she saw was a tribe probably , the people were cutting her skin in tiny pieces and siping her blood that made her nauseous. But before she can think anything she woke up with a gasp and she was in a maze the type of maze shown in movies. She was feeling cold. She started wandering in hope of finding someone or some clue. She felt some ran behind her but when she turned around… there was blood all around her between all there were long stretching trail of bloody footsteps she followed the foot steps and saw a creature like half human and half wolf….was this again a dream? No it wasn’t she knew she had to escape… so she couldn’t help but scream and run but before she can a sharp nailed hand grabbed her by her back and tore her into halves. Again she woke up gasping and again she was in the same maze. She again wandered and again she saw that creature but this time she slowly walked away. She was now at a two way street she couldn’t choose which one she had to go. She choose the one to the right. And the a spider poisoned her and wrapped her with many strings. Again she woke up it was like a loop till eternity she now choose the left one and walked away this time there were four different doors one of them had fire the second one had a lion and the third one had a candle lit in a long dark corridor she had a phobia of dark places so she denied to choose and then there was her favourite chocolate in the last door.one by one she choose all of them,died and again came back now she only had one left that was the third door she was scared and started crying. 2 hours went by now she can only choose what is left so she ran inside the door and stopped by the candle the door closed behind her and the she suddenly heard a voice resembling her sister when she turned around her sweet little sister said “I am sorry sissy,I love you pls come back…pls” and them a arrow shot from somewhere and her sister fell to the ground dead. She cried and begged god to stop and send her back to her family. SUddenly everything was white and she woke up to her family but not everything ends up good as she was already dead and her family killed her.

Hi guys, this is me Samiksha look this story is a little childish but don’t worry I’ll make it much better as time goes on for then pls like as much as you can as it inspires me I wish u like my story a little as I’m only a beginner for now thanks to all of you sweeties for reading this story.

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