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The Troubles

By Naomi Rose Marchand All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance


This book is set in 1971 Belfast. The ‘Oglaigh na hEirheann’ has evolved through many factions since its inception in 1913. Tensions have been building during this era and while colorfully painted peace lines have been erected to theoretically protect warring Catholics and British sympathizing Protestants who live but seconds from one another, all is not calm and war is coming.


The words appear as ragged scrawls, which I cannot yet decipher, my chest feels its breaking point, and I am losing my vision as tears spill onto the pages. Is this book authentically holding the truths that have been held from me? As I look at the weary, worn pages, I realize I do not want to know. Has my courage been a facade now that my history lies in my grasp?

My mother is not here with me, but I need her answers to give me some reconciliation with my concealed heritage and perhaps a more certain conviction that what I am involved with today in 1992 is not a waste of my honor and energy. I have come to expect when I read her words that I would find something, anything. She has only been gone for two weeks and still I feel as though I am trespassing. My mother, Kiera, kept her secrets tight to her breast and there was an unspoken tension that if I asked it would shatter her. I want to know who this man is behind the enigmatic person she named as my father. He will not be given impunity, but perhaps a glimpse into who I truly am.

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1. Prologue
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