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Trapped In The Closet

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Let... Me.. Out!!! Let Me Outtttt of here!!!!" Banging.. banging on the walls. I know you hear me out there motherfuckas! Royce proclaims; Not knowing her banging was never heard because of the installation of the walls inside her prison. She could see out but nobody could see in. How long can she hold me in here? How many days have passed? I just want to leave this life behind. A mother's manipulative ways are hidden behind a smile and a host of lies. Nobody will ever suspect me of being capable of doing this... Not even her good for nothing father... Hurt me will you... Fine... I'll just shatter what brings you Joy... I'll destroy Royce should have killed the little bratty a long time ago! But that's way too quick... I'll pick her apart one layer at a time! Ro'Shae laughs eerily. I'll just destroy her innocence but first I'll make her think mommy loves her and then I'll rip her soul out straight through her beating heart! Cruelty, hatred, and lies will eventually come out about Ro'Shae prostituting her beloved daughter Royce and Ro'Shae selected her daughter' s first victimizer when she was only 15! But none of the patrons even knows Royce is Ro'Shae' daughter, better yet the fact she's under 21! Will Royce ever escape ??

Thriller / Drama
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Chapter: 1 Understanding The Madness

Your probably Wondering, How did I end up here? What kind of daughter lives a double life willingly? One that doesn't have a dime to her name. And is only 15! So where on God's earth can I go. No one's going to believe I Royce Emerald Lexington am a real live hooker! Excuse me, call girl..

See it doesn't even sound right saying it to myself and I slept with half a dozen men already. Whom have paid in cash,checks, Bitcoin, cash app, zelle, PayPal and every major credit card known to man. Again, all the funds are deposited into my accounts but I don't have access to but one; and that's my chime account my dad had set up for me a year ago. That's so he didn't have to deal with my mother's scandalous ass anymore. Yeah, Ro'Shae can be a real bitch when she truly wants to be a money hungry credit card swiping machine!

As long as she hears approved she's off to the next damn store! See, let me bag up a bit. There's 12 girls in the Mainland Estate.

Flat Line, Ming Li, Sasha, Diore', Mercedes, Remi, Jazmine, Va'doria, Double L, Seduction, Ecstasy, and Myself. Trust me they all hold their own and they got there names for a reason I'll go into that a little later. Now the Mainland Estates is a beautiful mansion in Baton rouge,Louisiana. The place my granny calls Sodom and Gomorrah because of all the lusting that goes on down there.

"A good girl ain't got no business in the Devil's den", that's what she'd always say. So me being in these parts was an abomination from God in her eyes you see. The entire house was nothing more than a high priced whore house with alcohol and after hours gambling. It was for the more elite though. The doctor's, lawyer's, and city officials and such. None of the local rift raft types. If you was upper class you came here. Now that didn't mean STDs were off limits it just meant you charged more for your services once you found out who was burning. Plus, Moma Ro'Shae made it her business to have the GYN Dr. HallBrooks to make house calls and drop off our prescriptions to be discreet so none of us or our gentleman callers would take a dose home to they spouses! Especially Mayor Sinclair James Patterson he was known to keeps gonorrhea, and trichomonas with this dirty dick ass.!Just nasty.. but he paid good. 10,000.00 to be exact.

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