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Trapped In The Closet

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Chapter:2 Dig Deep

Group Text: Ding.. Ding..

Attention Ladies... Attention... Meeting To begin on the back patio at noon! Be dressed, It's Time To Bring Your A Game... Mimosas will be served for Brunch along with pancakes, waffles, an a beautiful edible arrangement an as a bonus incentive you will be presented with a gift at the end of the presentation. Enjoy your brunch.


"Now, see that's why I love working for this boss bitch," closing her phone Flatline says, while giving Diore' a high five, laughing and continuing applying their lashes. Yeah, she knows how to treat a bitch. Especially after last night. Diore' interjects. Yessss. Ming, why you so damn quite this morning? Usually, you be chanting or something, Diore'asked.

All the girls were giggling softly waiting for Ming Li to reply. Ming Li just rolled her eyes while continuing to get dressed. A' ight... Be like that then, but don't be running to me when the mayor gets extra extra wit' yo' Lil ' ass t'night! Huh. Cause guess what bitch! It's Yo' turn wit that happy grabby ass bum- ba- cli t' night!

You welcome. Laughing and pointing her finger at Ming Li, Diore' continues, "You better use that Kung Fu shit on his ass cause I ain't helping yo' uppity ass one bit. I betcha that and that's on my dead mama! Come on y'all so we can get this brunch shit started.. All the girls leave out the main dressing room in unison saying in a sing song way, " Bye Ming Li" laughing as they walked down the hall; leaving Ming Li to contemplate her thoughts. Ming Li way to go girl.. Now what are you going to do?? Great way to piss off the only help you had. Only one way to get her back in your good graces... Money!! She ponders.

Meanwhile, out on the back patio the food was arranged on a wrap around table with a beautiful off white satin cloth which had Belgian waffles, Fluffy japanese pancakes, scones, omelettes, and our very own edible arrangement that Rose' placed on each of our tables . Each of our names were written in calligraphy on a small card because none of us liked the same fruit selection.

Anyways, the mimosas were placed on a beautiful three tier display that was dead center of an elegant light pink glass case which drew you in like the sun caressing your skin ever so softly. It was all absolutely breathtaking; because behind it was an exquisite waterfall sculpture. It was a large diamond that appeared to open up like a jewelry box, that diamond sparkles ever so beautifully as the sun hit it just right. Something like this can have you get lost in thought and you'd forget you were a glorified call girl Royce thought.

This is why it perplexes me in so many ways, how can you be such a creative woman but nobody knows who you really are? Do these girls even know what your truly capable of? Do they know your a monster? A beautiful monster, but a monster no less. In sixteen days I'll be sweet sixteen!

No sweet sixteen party for me huh? Shaking her head. Yo' what planet were you just on Lil' mama? Rose' asks Royce. Oh, girl. I'm sorry was daydreaming, that's all. Royce says with a forced smile. Now, you know I didn't cook all this good food just to be looked at girl!

Go fix yo' plate before them heffas eat up everything! You know they can eat like ten men! They act like them tasmanian devil' s they just inhale shit... They don't know the meaning of chewing nathiel they just swallow!!! Laughing Rose' walks off. Royce had to giggle herself for once she was right.

Midway through the brunch The lady of the hour finally appears with Gifts in tow of course. Ro'Shae came in with a big red wheelbarrow with twelve Hot pink jewelry boxes the size of a laptop and the height of a large print Bible. I was definitely intrigued as to know what's behind Box #1... Royce thought.

Ro'Shae placed a box on each of our tables and informed us we could not open them until she was done. So I picked mine up and shuck it! Hell, you said I can't open it right? Royce's mind began to wonder. This is my mother. For Christ sakes... Crazy Bitch ain't gonna take me out! Royce smirked.

I wanted to see if the shit was ticking, laughing to herself. I'm sorry this is the same woman who's told me numerous times she wished she'd killed me when she had a chance! So I don't put nothing past her. I'm the one with the million dollar policy on my head! Royce jumped because just for a moment she'd forgotten how quite her mother's steps could be and she startled her when she placed her hand ever so gently on her shoulder and said almost at a whisper, "Put the box down dear, relax it's not an explosive.". Ro'Shae says with a smirk.

Now ladies, since I have your undivided attention, I've given each of you something that will add to your pockets, and surly motivate you to exceed your current financial obligations for the month. I want you to Dig Deep... Pausing just enough to bring everyone's attention to her tantalizing physique that always commanded the room. As she looked around before she continued she noticed every girl on that patio was quiter than a church mouse. Ro'Shae smiled. As for Tonight this is a night like no other.. We have new gentleman callers who desire different tastes than you girls are accustomed too, so each box has an inscription of your duties for this evenings adventures.

I took it upon myself to have each of your suites transformed into the themes that match your suitors request. Don't fuck this up ladies! Tonight you must Dig Deep within your soul to pull this shit off right.. The stakes are far too high. Each gentleman' s fee is $1.5 Million!! So I suggest you bitches celebrate now. Earn me my cut I only require the usual 10% and the rest is yours.. Do have a great day ladies... And Ro'Shae proceeded to leave the patio and closed the double French doors behind her... She knows how to leave an impression on you doesn't she? Now Let's open up these gifts....

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