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Thriller / Fantasy

Chapter 1

My Movie- the beautiful monster

Story-A teenage boy is gifted/born into a world of fame and fortune. But is neglected and unloved, no father around. One night at a night party he is compelled by a witch to spend the night with her. Not knowing what she could do or who she was he slept with another girl soon after. When she found out she casted a spell and cursed him for eternity. The next day he wakes up in a small city called Greensboro, away from the fame and away from the wonderful life of Hollywood. He looks in the mirror and he sees a stranger. Literally his whole face, body, DNA changed. Living a life of a poor unknown man he later becomes depressed. But then he meets a girl whom beauty matched her heart. He fell in love with her and starts a family. Becomes a father he never had and a man he never was. But soon after their time together she falls ill and dies. He cried for years until he finds out that the witch that had cursed him centuries ago had poisoned his beloved. Filled with anger and rage he unleashes an inner demon due to the past curse. He goes out and ravages everything in search for the witch, in the process he becomes a monster.

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