The CEO's Legacy (Book II)

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"All my life, I was raised by my father who told me my mother abandoned us. My 'mother' has her own little family while we suffered. I'm filled with anger and hurt; my father and I want revenge. I have the determination and skills to avenge my father and myself. Nothing will get in my way, but then I saw her, Evangeline, who is a family friend of my mother. Everything that I learned and grew up with is forgotten when I see her beautiful eyes and smile. Why has fate forsaken me? Is she my chance to get revenge? Yes, I will take her and will make everyone suffer."

Thriller / Romance
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A five-year-old boy was happily playing with his toy cars in his room. His nanny went to do groceries. The little boy was alone in his room and got bored and lonely playing by himself. His nanny mostly played with him, but he liked it when his father had the time to play with him. He got a hold of two cars and got outside his room. His little footsteps echoed through the halls. As the little boy got closer to his father’s room door, he could hear something break.

The little boy shivered as he slowly knocked on the door. “D-Dad?”

It was silent on the other end, but the door opened. “Ah, Jecamiah. Sorry if you heard that. I was in the middle of an important phone call.”

“Oh, okay. I-I can come back later.” The little boy was about to turn, but his father stopped him by picking up his son.

“Ah, don’t worry about the call ended. I also see that you wanted me to play with you.”

This excited Jecamiah. “Uh-huh! Can you play with me right now?”

“Of course, I will always make time for my precious boy.”

Father and son were in the room, but Jecamiah noticed broken glass on the floor. “Dad, what happened?” he asked while pointing at the broken glass.

“Oh, I accidentally threw that. I’m going to pick it up. Meanwhile, sit on the chair, so you don’t cut yourself.”

“Dad, why did you throw it?” he asked as his father put him on the chair. The little boy noticed his father’s quiet while picking up the glass. “I got a phone call from a little friend that made me mad. Do you want to know why?”

Jecamiah nodded. “Yeah, my teacher said that if you tell people why you’re mad, it can make you feel better!”

The older man smiled. “You’re right, my boy. You see, it’s about your mommy.”

This caught Jecamiah’s attention. “Mommy?”

“Yes, remember you always asking me why you didn’t have a mommy? I had to lie to you because I didn’t want you to get hurt.”


“Well, your mommy left us to be with another man right after your birth. She didn’t love us.”

Jecamiah’s eyes became wide. He was still too young to understand what his father was telling him. Although, he could understand certain things, which made him feel hurt. “Mommy didn’t love us? Why?” the little boy asked quietly.

His father went to his son after picking up the glass. He knelt in front of his son. “It’s because she went with another man. She betrayed us. It hurt me, Jecamiah. It also hurt me that she didn’t love you. I learned that she had another baby.” The small boy felt his heart hurting and didn’t realize that tears had formed in his eyes. His father wiped them off. “I’m sorry, my boy. I wanted to wait when you were older, but I thought it would be best that you knew. I feel terrible from keeping so many lies from you.” The older man smiled. “Don’t worry; you will meet your mother one day, and we will have our revenge. I will teach you everything you need to know.”


Jecamiah woke up from his sleep; he looked up at the ceiling. “That dream again,” he thought to himself. The young man sat up and got off of the bed. He was nude but got his clothes on the floor and dressed. As the young man changed his clothes, he heard scuffling from the bed. A young woman woke up; her large breasts bounced out from the bed sheets. Her long blonde hair was messy, and her makeup was smeared.

“Jecamiah, baby, where are you going?”


The young woman let out a sigh. “Home? I thought you wanted to stay a little bit to hang out.”

Jecamiah finished dressing. “Our acquaintance is over. This will be the last time that we will see each other.”

“What!? You’ve got to be kidding me!? We’ve been together for a month!”

“If that is what you tell yourself, by all means.”

The nameless woman got out of bed, nude, and in front of Jecamiah. “Tell me this is a joke! After all, we’ve been through, I-”

“You were easy to manipulate. You were always desperate for your father’s attention since he preferred work. I knew you would give me all the information about your father and his company. Why did you think I gave you my attention?”

The woman was confused, but her eyes became wide. “Y-You are a Lexington? Son of Helmer Lexington!?”

Jecamiah smirked. He pushed the woman away and was about to leave the room. “I look forward to seeing your father’s company under my family’s name. Thanks for your help; I’ll make to let your father know that his little girl did us a great favor.” He went out his way. Jecamiah went to his car and drove off to his home.

He was now twenty-eight years old and stood at 5′10 tall. He had light beige skin, his light red-brown hair was slicked back, his eyes were light hazel, and his triangular facial structure made him look mature. Jecamiah was shaven and had a broad body structure that women would drool for. He held a mysterious aura that many people tried to understand; his smile could charm and make women kneel before him.

Moments later, he arrived at a mansion-like house far from the city. He parked, got out of his car, and went home. It was quiet, but Jecamiah knew the housekeepers were done with work and went home. The young man walked to his father’s study; once by the door, he knocked. “Enter.” Jecamiah did so. Inside, he saw his father standing by the window, looking outside. He wore a white buttoned shirt with a black vest, shoes, and khakis. Even in his late sixties and with slight wrinkles on his face and hands, he still appeared youthful. His dark blonde hair was now gray that was slicked back. The older man was clean-shaved but had a light grey mustache; many considered him a silver fox. “Jecamiah, my boy.”

“Hello, father.”

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