Abandoned Lives

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2 years later...

There are still eight years left on Kieran’s time on earth. I’ve done everything I can to ensure he doesn’t get what he wants. I’ve even erected a fence around the entire property. That was actually slightly amusing… seeing the looks on the contractors face when I explained that no one was allowed to venture onto the property. You need to take a piss? Go the opposite direction. I made it perfectly clear that if my rules were violated in any way that their contract would be immediately voided and that they would not be paid for work done. They wrote me off as eccentric and a bitch but they did as asked.

Chris and I built a home right outside the fence line. Close enough to keep an eye on it but far enough away to keep from being affected. We weren’t able to go back for the remains of Makayla and her family, but our back yard holds a memorial headstone for them. I even went online and found a doll just like that creepy one from the basement and buried it there.

We still walk the property line every single day, making sure no one has come close, while still looking for signs of Cam. It’s probably pointless, as I had cameras installed all the way around the fence, but I can’t take any chances.

Everyone, including Chris, tries telling me that Cam is dead and that I should just live my life rather than waste it on fruitless searches. But in my heart, I know he’s alive out there somewhere. Just waiting for me to find him.

My twin has watched over and protected me my whole life. If I need to wait out Kieran’s time for him, I will. What’s 10 years in the space of a lifetime?

I have everything I want and need right here, with the exception of my brother. I have the love of my life and a home. I even have the chance to have children in the future without fear of them being monsters. So here I’ll stay, hoping for a glimpse of Cam in my dreams, while making a home with Chris.

The End… For Now

I hope you enjoyed the book. Reviews are always appreciated.

There will be one more book to this. Keep an eye out for that, to find out where Camden has been all this time.

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