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Binita stood in the playground alone stranded by her friends. She was excited all day as she had planned to meet her friends after a long time. The last time she saw them was when she was in her PUC-2, on the last day of her final e am. She was a member of the college’s most studious group, or as a gang as she would describe it. But what followed was the most horrific experience she ever witnessed

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1

Binita stood alone on the playground, abandoned by her buddies. She had been looking forward to seeing her pals after a long time. She last saw them on the last day of her final test, while she was in her PUC-2. She was a member of the college’s most scholarly club, or gang, as she called it.

Binita was the college’s second-most popular female, and the gang had five members. She excelled in academics, excelled in cultural programmes, and had exceptional skill in extracurricular activities. Aside from that, she was attractive and ranked high on the list of’most beautiful females’ among guys. Most people would classify her as disciplined, punctual, and careful based on her looks.

However, Chaya was widely regarded as the most popular female in college. She was an all-arounder in academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, strong leadership characteristics, lovely to look at, and would always wear pressed clothing that smelt well. This was one of the reasons she became the college’s top girl for two years in a row. Chaya and Binita used to be bitter adversaries, but as time passed, their enmity changed to friendship.

Binita donned a red T-SHIRT over which she put a blue pull-over and trousers. She was both saddened and perplexed by her friends’ absence. “Am I being pranked?” She doubted herself.

She emerged from the earth a few minutes later and roamed about the colony, admiring the houses and plants. Despite the fact that she had been duped by her pals, she appeared as if nothing had occurred.

As she walked down a specific path, she came upon a home built in the traditional manner. It had a garden in front of the home that was protected by a sturdy cement fence. The home was modest and had no above stories.

Binita felt that the building was probably owned by an elderly person based on its appearance. The building was recently built and was painted a bright green colour. It was unusual to see a green-colored structure in the modern period. The home has no name plate and seemed to be either freshly built or just acquired. The property featured a nice terrace above it, as well as a wide window surrounded by grills. There were two windows facing Binita, one from the room and one from the hallway. When she viewed the home, she had a sense of déjà vu; it reminded her of someone.

Binita decided to walk inside after glancing at the home for a few minutes to clarify things for herself. She opened the gate, which was rather modest and seemed impractical based on its size, since it served no use other than to defend the land. The gate had been newly painted black and the hinges had been lubricated. She walked inside the house. There was a grass to her left, rising from the paved pavement on which she stood.

Binita moved closer to the home, looking for a bell. She couldn’t locate one, so she knocked on the door. But she hesitated since she wasn’t sure who would answer the door or how she would introduce herself. She decided to knock on the door after a lengthy pause. She was about to knock on the door when she saw a dark figure peering at her from the corner of her eye.

Binita instinctively moved to her right, only to encounter a black-painted pole.“What’s the deal with this strange colour combination?” Binita asked herself. She knocked on the door and waited without more ado.

She tried again a few minutes later and received no answer. She intended to leave the property, but changed her mind when she discovered she was pounding on the house’s rear door. “How absent-minded am I?” She questioned herself and looked for the main entrance. She discovered a crimson door with a motif like a Swastika. Binita had a funny feeling about the proprietors after all of this. She moved closer to the door and knocked. When she knocked on the door, it opened immediately, as if she had knocked on an unlocked door. She pulled open the door and looked at the incomplete inside work. “Hello! Is there anybody here?” Binita spoke up. She knew it was immoral to enter a stranger’s home without permission, yet she was pushed to do it by some force.

She entered the hall via a mini-passage with a shoe rack on the left side that had yet to be erected. Aside from the rack, there were long polished wood logs that were designed to be filled in the rack. Binita made her way to the hall, which was rather huge.

An ancient picture was hung on the wall opposite the main door of the home, which was presumably intended for a television. “How come they hung a photo in a house that hasn’t even been built?” Binita spoke up. She moved closer to the picture to have a better look at it. It was a photograph of an elderly guy playing an original grand piano, which seemed to be quite costly. The elderly guy was dressed in a jumper with red stripes and a light brown backdrop. He was glancing down at the piano keys. It was most likely taken when he was playing the piano. Binita realised she had been in the house for more than an hour. Even though she knew what she was doing was illegal, her curiosity got the best of her. But what happened next was the most terrifying event she had ever encountered.

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