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It's about Jhon Kistoff ( I) playing a dangerous game, can he get through it? Well let's find out. Going through a lot dangers is indeed dangerous but if u must then u have keep going. remember there a lot of people in this world who are also facing situations far beyond their capability so think of them it's not only u, we are here with you.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

A STORMY NIGHT - A short story

I was walking on the road minding my own business and then suddenly a message popped in my phone asking would you like to play stormy night? I decided to play because it’s a long way home and I can’t afford the cost to go in a taxi and I missed the bus so it would be quite the time pass to play a game and I clicked yes and then it started raining heavily I had no where to take cover but the street lights were on and I started running so I could reach my home faster and then suddenly I heard creepy noises and I turned back to see what it was , to my horror a group of zombies started chasing me I ran for my life and didn’t turn back but suddenly a portal opened and pulled me in, I was surprised that it took me to Egypt and it didn’t last long till I was horrified to see there were mummies coming to get me and suddenly the road changed to desert and sand monsters started to appear I totally regretted clicking yes button and then again a portal pulled me inside and this time it was totally disgusting, I a fell to a tree hole full of worms and I was sliding through it a finally came to and end. I found myself in a place with only one gate and to the shock of my life all the creatures were coming back of me I kept running and running until the director says CUT!

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