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A young girl with a dark past witnessed her mother's murder when she was five, watching her stepfather murdered her mother in cold blood. He later threatened to kill her in the courthouse, ensuring she would be scarred for life. Eight years later, the same young girl is adopted and goes through night terrors and fears for the safety of her new family. No one expected the same young girl to be abducted from her new life and hidden away from society with the one who had killed her mother eight years ago. Will the young girl's parents find her in time, or will she end up on the long list of missing children?

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Warson Woods, Missouri

2212 Levi Place Apartment 3B

Eight years ago

“Jacky! ” a rough male voice bellows out inside the apartment, looking for a young woman who has been trying to leave this man to protect her child from his harsh punishments.

The young woman named Jacky stays in her hiding place with her young daughter, who was silent through the ordeal, knowing that if they make a sound, he will find them and hurt them even more.

“Alright, my little bumble bee, I need you to hurry and go hide underneath the bed for me,” Jacky whispered to her five-year-old daughter, who could only nod her little head and crawl her way to the queen size bed, hiding from the scary man.

Jacky could only watch and ensure her daughter was safe before she chose to leave her haven and deal with the devil outside. Jacky left the bedroom, confirming that James could not find her little girl.

“James, I’m right here. What is going on?” Jacky spoke softly, keeping her eyes on the deranged man before her. She immediately noticed he was drunk and high off some drugs he had taken while with his friends. Jacky moved slowly around him while standing there harshly, heaving, glaring at her for some time.

“Jacky, where is that little bitch?” Jacky stared at him, not wanting to say a word. She needed to keep her mouth closed for her daughter’s sake and not let him harm her more than needed.

Neither adult knew the little girl was watching them from the top of the stairs near the closest window. “Jacky, I need to speak with that little bitch of yours. She ruined any chance I had with my new client.” James hissed out, grabbing Jacky by her hair, pulling her tightly towards his body.

Jacky tried to pry his hands off her hair, biting her lip from letting out a painful groan, which only made things worse. “She is at a friend’s place right now for a sleepover,” Jacky explained while trying to get him to release her hair in his tight grip. James hissed angrily, slapping Jacky across the face and throwing her to the ground.

He began to hit her over and over again in his rage-muddled drunk mind. James was pissed that he could not take his anger out on the little shit that took everything from him.

“The next time I ask for that bitch, you bring her to me.” James hissed out, wrapping his hands around Jacky’s throat, squeezing the life out of her. Jacky was trying to fight him off, knowing that if he kept this up, he would go after her daughter.

Jacky kept struggling against his hold when she felt around them and grabbed ahold of the glass beer bottle and tried to smash it against his head. That moment was all Jacky needed. Pushing him off her, she struggled to crawl away towards the stairs, where she knew her baby was waiting for her.

Jacky got onto her feet, using the wall for support, when not realizing that James was awake, and that was the last time Jacky saw her daughter crying and snuck out the window.

The little girl stayed under the window, taking a peek to see what was happening and what she saw was her stepfather punching her mother in the face and pulling out a knife, stabbing her mother over and over. The little girl slid down the wall crying into her hands to stop any sound coming out to alert James.

The little girl carefully moved off the roof and slid onto her neighbour’s balcony, knowing she had to find someone to help her escape the murder. The little girl was able to wake them up, and when they saw her outside in the cold, they knew something horrible had just happened.

“Sweetie, come inside.” The older lady said, helping the little girl inside, knowing that whoever could be after her might still be inside the building. “Sweetie, what is your name?” “J-Jade,” Jade said softly, letting the tears fall down her face.

“Well, Jade, my name is Sofia, and this is my grandson Alex. Why don’t I call the police, and we can find out what has happened?” Jade could only nod her little head at Sofia, scared if she said anymore, then her stepfather might find her and kill Sofia and Alex to kill her next.

Two officers came to Sofia’s apartment a few hours later, taking their seats in front of the shaking girl. They all listened to Jade telling them everything, from when James came home to when she snuck out to see what was happening to jumping out of the window and watching him kill her mother and how she ended up here.

The two officers told them to stay put as they left to the top floor where the young girl had lived with her mother and stepfather. The scene they walked into was not something either wanted to see, and it was a young woman naked in a pool of blood with a killer passed out on top of her body, naked as well and still breathing.

One of the officers could cuff him, pull his unconscious body off of the dead woman, and have him lay on the ground out cold. The other officer radioed in that they require a backup and an ambulance, and a social worker for the child in question as she was a witness to seeing her mother being murdered.

The whole apartment was awake after hearing sirens and many people around the neighbourhood watched police cars and first responders pull up as a crime scene occurred for a young mother who was murdered in her home.

The man in question woke up startled to find himself in a police cruiser being read his Miranda rights as they took him away to the police station. James was pissed off that this was happening when he had no clue what was even happening in the first place.

As for Jade, she was being taken to the local orphanage with the social worker who would help her find a good home and a couple who would want to adopt this sweet innocent young girl who had seen so much in her young life.

The social worker was distraught when she was called to attend a murder scene to take the young child away from this awful place and to the only orphanage that could take her in, the one in Warson Woods.

Jade was silent the whole way there, not wanting to speak or say a word knowing that this nightmare would never end till James realized Jade was the one who got him sent to prison for murder and child abuse.

This nightmare will never end for her, not till James is locked away for good or even dead, as she will be scarred for life seeing him kill her mother and wanting to kill her.

Jade will do everything she can not get adopted for fear that the ones who will adopt her could get hurt because of her, and she does not want that for them, ruing their lives because of her stepfather, who is a cold-hearted murderer. Start writing here…

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