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Vendetta Against Innocence From The IRA

By mickyp All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror


Vendetta Against Innocence from the IRA, is pretty powerful and harrowing, It's about a family in Western Belfast whose young sixteen year-old son gets kidnapped by the IRA and forced to participate in a crime. Ultimately, he gets, arrested and charged by the police while his family's life disintegrates within the fractured Northern Irish community.The story starts in 2010. The Family, live in West Belfast with their children of different ages, some of whom have already moved out. The boys are Marcus, Seamus, David,Joseph and Dermot, and the young girls are Patricia and Nicole. David is out with Patricia one day, taking her to the shops, when he is accosted by strangers in a car. Understandably upset, Patricia, races home to tell her family.After calling the police and searching the area, they eventually find out that David was arrested for taking part in an IRA crime. It's plastered all over the news – then hell breaks loose around the family. The neighbourhood sounds pretty nasty, filled with bullies, yobbos and violent criminals.David was already bullied at school and feared the area. When the thugs find out that David was implicated in an IRA plot,

Chapter One

The school had finished for the summer and today was like any other day we tried to get our son David to come out of his bedroom for a while and go outside for some fresh air, but he wouldn’t because of the group of lads that were bullying him in school and also in the area that we lived in. We kept on at him to go out even for just a few minutes to get himself some fresh air because he was stuck in that bedroom all day every day.

We finally got him to agree to go out and take his younger sister, Patricia around to the shop they left the house at 4pm and it was now 4.30pm and they weren’t back yet. I told my wife Christine that if they weren’t back in another few minutes that I would go and look for them.

I went and got my coat to go out and look for them, but as I was getting ready to leave Patricia came running into the house crying and shouting David was taken away in a car by two men myself and my wife ran outside but we couldn’t see David or the car that our daughter was telling us about.

We tried to calm Patricia down to find out what had happened, she was sobbing her we heart out and at the same time trying to explain what had happened Patricia was only seven years old we asked her to tell us what had happened on the way back from the shop. she told us that they were walking back home and that a car was driving behind them very slowly and there was two men in it watching them so David took Patricia through an alleyway that led them into the street behind our house, but as they reached the corner of our street the car stopped just in front of them and two men got out and told David to get in because they wanted to talk to him, but David said no I won’t get into your car and asked them who they were but they told him to shut his fucking mouth and to get into the car and they told his younger sister to go on home and that David would be back soon.

My wife Christine told me to phone the police and tell them what had just happened so I phoned them and I explained what had happened to David and about the car following him and his sister the police asked if it could have been someone that he knew and could he have just went for a drive in the car, but I told them that David didn’t bother with anyone and that he was always in his room and only left it to go to school and that he wouldn’t get into a car with someone that he did, not know they asked me for a description of David and what he was wearing and also a description of the car .

I told them what David was wearing and that I couldn’t describe the two men because I hadn’t seen them, they said they would inform their mobile patrols to keep a look out for David and that I should phone them whenDavid got back home again, they also told me to try and not worry too much and that if we could think of anything else I should phone them back again. I told my wife Christine what they said and she said that she was going to phone our other four sons and let them know what has happened. I told her that I was going to have a look around the area where we lived to see if I could find him.

I searched everywhere that I could think of I even searched up alleyways and the graveyard I asked anyone that I knew if they had seen David but no matter who I asked, the answer was always the same no, sorry I haven’t seen him but if I do I will tell him that your looking for him. I had been searching for over an hour and I still couldn’t find David so I decided to go back home and see if Christine had heard anything about David.

On the way up the street to our house I have seen a group of the local hoodlums standing at the corner drinking, which only meant one thing and that tonight was going be a night of joyriding and fights in the area again, most of these thugs were in their early twenties and you would think that they would have more sense than to be doing this kind of thing I think that the whole community would be thinking along the same lines as me and hoped that these idiots would have more sense than to be doing this kind of thing.

I reached the house and Christine and Patricia were standing at the door looking up and down the street watching for David to walk up I asked Christine if the police had phoned back or if she had heard anything about our son, but she hadn’t heard a thing her nerves were shattered and Patricia was still upset and crying. Christine said that she phoned our sons and they were on their way over to our house and said that they would go and look for their brother also.

They were all shocked when their mom told them what had happened and were concerned about Patricia and kept asking if she was alright and that they would be here soon. I phoned the police back and asked if they had found our son, but they said that all they could do was to get their mobile patrols to keep an eye open when they were out on patrol because it was too early to be classed as a missing person until the next day, I couldn’t believe what they were saying and said to them that David was taken away in a car by two men not known to our family and that we were really worried about him, but I was talking to a brick wall trying to get the policeman to listen to what I was telling him and I was getting annoyed with him so I hung the phone up and my sons came rushing into the house you could see they were all worried about they’re brother and wanted to know where he was and who had taken him away and why him we decided to go out again and look for David we decided to split up and check different places.

Myself and Dermot were going to check the parks and graveyard while Marcus and Seamus and Joseph were going to check around the streets and Christine was staying at home with the two girls, Nicole and Patricia in case David came home while we were all out looking for him we all agreed to meet up on the falls road in two hours, time if we didn’t find him beforehand, I told Christine to phone one of us if David came home we all left and started to look for Him. Dermot was asking people if they had seen David anywhere but no one seems to have seen him or even him being taken away in the car earlier today it was as if he just vanished we made our way to the graveyard and started looking for David we went up and down the length of the graveyard and back and forward across it, but with no luck we were in here for just over an hour, so we moved on to the park and started searching again we went round and round the park, but still we could, not find David we walked out of the park and onto the falls road and decided to go and meet up with Marcus Seamus and Joseph further on down the road all the while we were looking everywhere we could on the way down.

Dermot said that he could, not believe that we could, not find him it was quite, obvious that we were all getting more worried about David and we did, not know what else we could do to find him we could see Marcus and the others further on down the road they were standing at the petrol station waiting on us when we reached them we decided to check the leisure Centre and the grounds before we went back home grounds.

To Christine and the two girls we had all been out for two and a half hours searching for my son and we could, not think of anywhere else to look for him so I told my sons that we should go home and that I would phone the police again and see if they had any news for us, we started walking home through the beech mount estate and up through the white rock area, then through the Ballymurphy estate by the time we got home we had been out searching for over three hours and the more we searched the more worried we were all getting for David it was starting to get a bit dark by the time we reached the house.

Christine shouted out did you find David when I told her that we had, not her heart sank and she started crying, I told her that I was going to phone the police again and see if they could tell us anything yet, but they still had nothing new to tell us Christine was getting more worried and said that she was going to phone around the hospitals just in case something had happened to him and we were sitting here not knowing anything while she was making the phone calls I went and made us all a cup of tea myself and ours sons all went and sat in the kitchen everyone was worried sick about David.

Patricia and Nicole kept asking where David was and would he be long until he was back home Marcus, and Dermot had work in the morning, but said that they were going to phone in sick, but I told them not to and to go to work and if there was any news that I would phone them straight away and tell them it was getting late now it was 10.30 David has been away for six and a half hours now and still no news of him or where he might be I told the two girls to get ready for bed as they had to get up early for the summer school clubs but they both said that they did, not want to go until they seen their brother so I told them that he would be here waiting for them when they got back from the club.

I could, not think of anything else to tell them Christine came into the kitchen and told us that she phoned the three hospitals and none of them had anyone by his name in they’re care in a way that was good news, but at the same time we still did, not know where our son was or if anything had happened to him.Our sons said that they were staying with us tonight in case we got any news of where theyr’e brother was or if anything had happened to him I think all of us were thinking the worst but it was hard not to, especially under the circumstances, I told Christine that I was going out to the front of the house for a smoke and Dermot and Marcus said they were going out also for some fresh air so I went and got my cigarettes and went outside I was only out a few seconds and Joseph and Seamus came out after me I think they all only came out because they know what its like around here at night time with time with the local hoodlums known locally as the rug rats and they were well known for breaking into houses and stealing cars in the area and also for fighting with people for no reason at all.

These scumbags would make the devil look like an angel I finished my cigarette and was ready to go back into the house when a young girl and her boyfriend were walking past and she said to me that she had seen David getting arrested along with four older men on the falls road about an hour a go.

I asked her was she sure that it was David and she said yes, it was definitely him the police had him face down on the ground with a gun pointed at his head and that they had the four older men on the ground also and guns were pointed at them also, I could, not believe what I was being told his brothers all just looked at each other they could not believe it either,I said thanks to the young girl and went inside and told Christine about what I had just been told and I told her that I was going to phone the police again and see what they say this time, Christine was at breaking point I don’t think that she could take much of this I went and phoned the police station again and asked if they had found David.

But they said that they had,not so I told them about what I had just been told and they told me that they would make some enquiries and phone me straight back nearly an hour had passed and we are still waiting for the phone call,I went outside for a smoke and to try and get my head around what the girl had told me, but none of it made any sense because David and the rest of our sons didn’t believe in politics or anything like that they have always kept away from any kind of trouble and this is out of character for David way out of character I heard the phone ringing and rushed in and answered it it was the police they had finally called back the man at the other end of the phone said that they had found David but that he was in custody in theyr’e serious crime unit at Antrim and was going to be interviewed about they had found David but that he was in custody in theyr’e serious crime unit at Antrim and was going to be interviewed about terrorism.

I could,not believe what he was saying so I asked him if he was talking about the right David and he said that he was and that if we needed any more information we should contact the serious crime unit at Antrim then he hung the phone up so Christine phoned the crime unit and asked about David and she was told that David was arrested on the falls road in west Belfast following a failed punishment style shooting along with four other men,Christine told them about what had happened when David and his younger sister went to the shop earlier today and that she reported it to the police she also told them that David never leaves the house because of the bullying he receives in school and in our area nearly every day, but they were, not interested and just said that David would be getting interviewed soon and that they would get a doctor to check him over before hand.

Christine asked if she could go and see David but she was told no, not until he had been interviewed and that she should phone back tomorrow morning Christine and the rest of us were worried sick about him and just could, not believe what was happening when Christine came of the phone, she broke down in tears and his brothers were pacing the floor, they were all getting annoyed about it also, I was trying my best to keep them all calm I told them that the only way that we would find out the truth about what was going on was to get talking to David but we would have to wait until the police finished theyr’e interviews with him, Dermot and Marcus both agreed with me and then Seamus and Joseph said that they also agreed but Christine could,not think straight her head was all over the place all she could think about was her son was stuck in a place like that away from his family.

But one thing was for sure, she knew deep down that this was nothing to do with her son and he must have been made to do something that he did,not want to do. it was out of character for him to get mixed up in this kind of thing I told Christine that we would have to get him a lawyer and I also phoned the serious crime unit and told them that my son was a minor and could, not be interviewed without an appropriate adult present and asked if I or his mum could be present for the interviews taking place but they said no and that they would get an adult to sit in on the interviews someone such as a social worker because we were not allowed to sit in on the interviews in case we stopped David from answering questions.

So I told them to get my son legal representation and they told me that my son had already asked for a lawyer and that he would be there in the morning for the interviews taking place the policeman on the phone was very abrupt and could,not wait to get me of the phone I told him that I would be phoning back in the morning to see how my son was but the policeman just hung the phone up on me again, Christine could,not settle herself at all she was in a real mess about all of this.

Marcus called all of us into the livingroom, he said quick its on the news about David being arrested we all rushed in to see the news, but all that it said was that four men and a teenage boy had been arrested on Belfast falls road in what appeared to be a failed paramilitary style punishment shooting and that more reports would follow later we were all dumb struck was this really happening or was it some kind of dream nothing seems real at the moment we just could, not get our heads around it, I told Christine and the four boys that they would have to try and get some sleep because tomorrow was going to be a long day and we needed to keep things as normal as possible for Nicole and Patricia.

I said that we should send them to the summer school clubs as it would take their minds of things for awhile and Christine and our sons all agreed, so we all started to get ourselves sorted for bed to try and get a few hours sleep because we didn’t know what tomorrow was going to bring it was 2.30 in the morning and we had to be up at 7.00 am for the kids for the clubs and for the boys for work as well but they said that they were going to call in sick but we told them not to and we would phone them as soon as we found anything out.

So we all headed off to bed, but none of us could sleep, we all had too much on our minds. Patricia woke up crying for David and asking where her brother was and wanted to know when he was coming home, but not one of us could give her the answer that she wanted to hear, I sat with her for awhile until she went to sleep again and there was no point in the rest of us trying to get back to sleep as it was now 5.45am and we had to get up in just over an hour, so I went down stairs and made a cuppa for me and the boys, Christine was asleep so we let her stay there until it was time to get up Marcus and Dermot and Joseph all said that they were, not sure if they should go to work today but I told them that it would be silly just sitting about the house and that they should go and try and keep themselves busy.

Seamus said he was staying with us as he had nothing on today and that he would bring the kids to the summer school club and collect them when it was over and bring them home for us.

Marcus turned the TV on to see if anything else was on the news about David and the others, but he only caught the end of it and all he heard was four men and a teenager had been arrested in west Belfast after a failed shooting, Marcus and the rest of our sons were, not very talkative because you could see it in theyr’e faces that they were all worried about theyr’e younger brother and they could, not get to see him until he got the interviews over and done with and hopefully it would be sooner rather than later.

It was nearly 7.o’clock so Joseph went upstairs and woke his two sisters up for the summer clubs they started at 9 am while he was doing that I went and made them some breakfast when Nicole and Patricia came down stairs Patricia said that she did, not want to go to the summer club because she wanted to stay home so that her and Nicole could be here for David coming home but Dermot and Seamus managed to get them to go and told them that he would go and collect them if David came home before they got back home.

After they had their breakfast the two girls went and got themselves ready for the summer clubs. Joseph was sitting waiting on the news coming on TV to see if anything else was on it about David and the four men,He called me when it came on and it was the headlines they were showing the road where the police had it all taped off and it showed a car in the distance that the four men were pulled out of, the news said that four men and a teenager were arrested in a security operation in west Belfast after a failed punishment style shooting just off the Falls road and said that investigations were ongoing.

Seamus and Joseph walked Patricia and Nicole to the summer clubs and told them that they would pick them up again after it was over and that they would pick them up early if David came home, they were happy with that,on the way home one of our neighbours stopped Seamus and Joseph in the street and asked about David but Joseph told the neighbour that we did, not know anything yet as David was still in the police station being interviewed.

And on the way down the road, more people from the area were starting to ask questions about David and about what had happened,but to be honest the news station seemed to know more than we did, we wished we knew, but we did, not and in the meantime, we were trying to keep everything as normal as possible for the two girls and trying to stay focused as best we could every time the door got knocked we were all hoping that it was David but it was, not and every time we had to tell Christine that it was, not him her heart sank.

There were heavy thumps on the door and I rushed out to see who it was when I opened it there was two policemen standing there and there was policemen in the driveway also, I asked them what they wanted but they just pushed past me and informed me that they had a search warrant to search the house for guns and explosives and ammunition’s and anything else that could be of use to terrorism.

I could,not believe this was happening to us they put us all in the livingroom and told us that we were, not allowed out of that room until they carried out a search of the house, my sons and wife did,not know what to do, they were all shocked, policemen were all over the house they were in every room upstairs and downstairs and by the noise that was coming from the bedroom it sounded like they were knocking the walls down things were being thrown everywhere we could hear things being broken and dropped on the floors.

I tried to go upstairs to see what was going on but I was stopped by two policemen at the bottom of the stairs and told that if I did,not go back into the living room that I would be arrested and removed from the house my sons and Christine were told the same thing we could, not even get to the bathroom without being searched and getting into an argument with the policemen.

We all were made to feel as if we had done something wrong, but infant we were the innocent ones in this nightmare they had been here for over an hour already and they were wrecking our home room by room and there was nothing that we could do to stop them, then three detectives came into the house and told us that they would be removing any computers and phones that David had access to so that they could do checks on them and to see what he was doing on them then there was shouting coming from outside the house.

Which we could,not see what was happening because our living room was at the back of the house so I told them that I needed to go to the toilet, which was downstairs and at the front of the house they let me go after searching me again before I went in when I got into the toilet I opened the small window at the top and looked out and I seen a crowd of around twenty or thirty people standing at the corner shouting at the policemen outside they were calling them all sorts of names like black bastards SS R U C and telling them to get out of the area and stop harassing the people of this estate there were also six police land rovers outside our house and there was some up around the corner, but I could, not see how many exactly the policeman started banging on the toilet door telling me to come out or he would bust the door open.

So I closed the window and opened the door the guy did, not look happy at all, he said right fucking hurry up and get into the other room he was getting really abusive and intimidating when I went into the living room my wife’s new laptop was in an evidence bag along with our desktop computer and a child’s Vtech laptop god knows what they wanted with that they also had three mobile phones and some computer discs they told us that we would get them back in due course, but if anything was found on them, then we would, not get any of them back they even took my new phone encase David had used it to phone anyone but I told them that he had, not and that I only bought it the day before I even showed them the receipt but they still took it and said it had to be checked also.

The policemen that were searching the kitchen were just pulling everything out and dropping it on the floor and worktops, I asked the detective if there was really a need for them to be getting on like that theyr’e wrecking the house and destroying our belongings he said if anything is broken we could claim for it of the Northern Ireland office and that they had to search no matter what we said they just did not care.

Marcus heard two of the policemen talking and saying don’t worry about breaking anything theyr’e just a pack of Fenian bastards so he confronted them and then there was an argument starting but the policemen just stood and laughed in our faces saying that we were nothing but Fenian scum and we deserve everything that we get.

Christine was crying her eyes out and shaking really bad, but they did,not care,they just laughed at the idea of it. after searching the whole house they moved outside and searched the back garden and shed and they did the same again just pulled everything out and threw it everywhere, even the kids bikes were thrown across the garden it was ridiculous and way out of hand they were getting on like animals,no wonder people in this area and this town did, not like the police how are people supposed to trust the police if this is the way they were treating people they finally finished the search they had been here for four and a half hours now and to be honest we were really glad to see the back of them.

When they were leaving all the shouting started up again, but this time we could go out and see what was happening outside our home people were throwing bricks and bottles at the policemen and the land rovers bottles were breaking all over the place, our driveway and our neighbours garden had bricks and broken bottles all over it they were even throwing bottles with paint in them at the land rovers and it was all over the road and then policemen fired two plastic bullets to disperse the crowd that had gathered there must have been at least fifty people by now it was unbelievable that this was all happening outside our house.

I got our sons and my wife to go inside and we closed the door, we did, not want any part in this riot. it carried on for around forty minutes and the longer it went on, the more people joined in all the local hoodlums were there even people from outside the area had turned up and the police just sat in theyr’e land rovers raving theyr’e engines up as if they were aggravating it more and more. then all of a sudden the land rovers drove off and out of the area with most of the crowd running after them throwing bricks and whatever else they could get their hands on even people’s wheelie bins were thrown across the road.

We went upstairs to see the damage that was left behind after the search and Christine and the boys just stood and stared at the mess the rooms were in.there was clothes all over the place on the floors and thrown all over the beds a lot of the kids toys had been broken and thrown all round the room and their beds were upside down one of them had the mattress slashed by something sharp the rip was around thirty inches long, this was senseless doing that to children’s beds and breaking their toys, my two daughters have, not done anything wrong they are only seven and ten years old this was ridiculous.

We rushed to tidy the girls rooms up because it was nearly time for them to be picked up from the summer school clubs Seamus and Dermot went to meet them and walk them home on the way into our street someone shouted over to Seamus and Dermot, hey lads your brother is a fucking scumbag he’s an IRA bastard and you cunts need burnt out of your house.

Dermot said what are you talking about my brother has, not done anything wrong so I think you should get your facts right before pointing your finger at anyone mate.

Seamus told Dermot to walk on because the two girls were getting scared, Patricia was clinging onto Seamus’s arm really tight and Nicole was telling Dermot not to listen to them and that she wanted to go home so my sons carried on walking, trying to ignore the shouting coming from the local thugs who were standing at the corner drinking their bottles of cider and smoking their drugs the two girls were really scared when they came into the house and told us about what had

happened its ridiculous.

The way these people are getting on because we know that our son was nothing like that and that people should not believe everything that they hear.we had enough to worry about at the minute with not knowing what was happening with David and the two girls were waking up at night crying for their brother and on top of that Christine was starting to get low moods because of it all,I think all of us were starting to be effected in different ways we were all on edge and it was starting to show.

David had been in police custody now for four days and there was still no sign of him being released and the police interviews were still ongoing it was making us all feel useless because there was nothing that we could do to help David we would just have to wait until the police had finished all the interviews.

I phoned the crime unit again and asked about David and they told me that he was still being questioned about terrorist activity and his part in the failed shooting I asked if we could see him even for a few minutes as we had,not seen our son in four days, but we were told that we could,not see him until after the interviews were over.

I told Christine that I was going to phone his lawyer and see if he could get us in to see David because we knew that he would be scared in a place like that because of all the stories that we heard over the years about police brutality and how they scared some people Into making false confessions.

So I phoned the lawyer, but he was, not in his office so I left a message for him to call me back and now all we could do was wait it was all we seemed to be doing this past few days was wait wait wait. there was two loud thumps on the door and Seamus went to see who it was when he opened it there was two men standing there and they asked to see me so Seamus came in and said dad two guys want to speak to you so I went to see who they were and they said that they were from the IRA and that they wanted to talk to me about David.

I was shocked that these people were at my door and especially about one of my sons, I asked them why they wanted to talk about David and they said that when I see my son I had to tell him to keep his mouth shut and that if he talked to the police about what had happened he would, not be allowed to live in this area or any part of Belfast and that touts would be executed. I could,not believe this shit was happening, I asked them what they were talking about and why was my son in custody and being accused of trying to shoot someone, but they just told me to tell David what they had said and they turned and walked away. I went into the living room and told Christine and our sons what had just happened no one could believe that this had just happened.

Now our son had just received a death threat from the IRA so now we had to worry about them and the local hooligans I honestly don’t know which one is the worst one thing was for sure, there had to be more to come, especially if they had just came to our home. Christine broke down crying again all this was getting a bit too much for her even the girls were scared and they are only kids, my sons said this is ridiculous they come to your home and threaten people and don’t even have the decency to tell you what is going on or why they were giving threats.

The news came on but this time it just said that four men and a teenage boy were being questioned about dissident republican activity at Antrim serious crime unit at least it was, not the main headlines as it had been for a few days. The phone rang and Dermot answered it It was David’s lawyer, so I took the phone and asked him what was happening with our son first he apologised for not being in contact with us as he had been at the serious crime unit for all the interviews he said that he was being interview about his part in a failed shooting of a known drug dealer.

And also about his involvement with dissident republicans and also about the two guns that he had been arrested with my mouth just fell open was I really hearing this right, I said what guns are you talking about he told me that when David had been arrested, he was in possession of two loaded hand guns I could,not believe this the lawyer said that David was doing OK under the circumstances and the interviews could go on for another few days he asked how the family were holding up so I told him about the house being searched by the police and about the local scum bags shouting after my sons and also about the visit that we had from the IRA earlier today.

He said that it was uncalled for and that people should, not jump to conclusions and also that he was, not going to tell David any of this because he already had enough to cope with he said that he would tell David that he spoke with us and that we were asking after him and could, not wait to see him, he also told us that the police still had twenty four hours left to question David and after that they would have to release him or charge him.

And that they could also apply to the courts for extra time to question him for a further seventy two hours he said that he would phone us the next day and tell was what was happening with David and to try not to worry. I went and told my wife and sons what the lawyer had just told me about David and the guns and the interviews they all just looked at each other in disbelief as they could, not believe it. Christine asked what guns because it did, not mention guns on the news it’s obvious that the police were holding certain things back from the news, but why would they do that especially if they caught the men after the shooting.it just seems to be getting worse and there was nothing that any of us could do but wait. hopefully we would find out the truth when we finally get to speak to David about it all. We went and made the tea while we were waiting on the news coming on TV to see if it was saying anything different, this was ridiculous having to depend on the local news channel to find out what was happening with our son.

Seamus and Marcus said that they were going to stay with us tonight, but Christine said that they could go home if they wanted because we should be alright, but they both said that they wanted to stay and that they would only be sitting at home bored anyway. I decided to phone the serious crime unit again and ask if we could go and see our son hopefully they would allow us to see him as he has been there a few days.

When I phoned the policeman said that he would go and ask the duty officer in charge and that he would be back in a few minutes and put me on hold. Christine and our sons were all standing beside me waiting to see what the police had to say this time it seemed like the guy was away for ages but he was only away for two minutes and he came back on the phone he told me that he was going to transfer me to the duty officer so that I could speak to him myself.

When he came on the phone he said that David was, not allowed any visitors until the interviews were over but I told him that we had, not seen our son since all of this had happened and would it even be possible just for his mother to see him even for just a few minutes to put her mind at ease a bit because she was worried sick about him and that she was finding it hard to sleep at night because she was worrying so much about David and that the rest of us needed to know that he was alright the duty officer said that he would allow a ten minute visit but that it would only be for Christine to go and see him and no one else would be allowed in I agreed with him and could, not thank him enough for his help he said that Christine would have to be there for nine thirty pm tonight and if she was late she would, not get in to see him.

I thanked him again and hung the phone up I told Christine to get herself ready to go and see David and she broke down in tears our sons were smiling because we finally got some good news that their mum was getting to see their brother, I phoned Billy a family friend and asked him to drive Christine to the serious crime unit in Antrim and he said yes straight away there was one thing we could always depend on Billy he was one in a million you could, not meet a nicer guy.

Billy said that he would be here in twenty minutes to pick Christine up so we got Christine to get ready I made her a cuppa to try and help her relax a bit as she was still crying, she could, not believe she was getting to see David, she said she had so many questions to ask him, but didn’t know where to start I told her not to worry about it and that as long as she seen him that was the main thing at the minute.

There was a rap at the door and then someone shouted hello, it was Billy I said that was a quick twenty minutes he just laughed and said stick the kettle on before we go Billy loved his tea, he would drink it until it was running out of his ears I told him that it was only Christine that was going because it was only her that was allowed into see David he said at least one of us was getting to see him and that it could help to settle Christine a bit aswel we all agreed with that.

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