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The Birthing Male

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The Birthing Male looks into the future of childbirth and the ramifications a birthing male will have on women and children of the world. Written by a respiratory therapist who participated in mitochondria case studies on premature infants and endurance exercise, The Birthing Male exposes dark philosophies of deviant minds trying to manipulate children.

Thriller / Mystery
Rich Lewis Jr
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The Birthing Male Teaser

This episode of The Birthing Male takes place in the maternity ward where a pregnant man and his husband are preparing to give birth to a child. This brave couple anxiously awaits a historic delivery as they introduce the world to the new medical frontier for the motherless child.

Tensions are very high and additional precautionary measures are set up in the maternity ward. A loud cry is heard, and silence falls upon the ward. When the couple moves or speaks, nurses, doctors and camera crews rush the ER to get any glimpse of the couple.

The pregnant male begins to feel the pressures of motherhood as the baby squirms, begging to be released. The pregnant male is consoled, and prayers are said for a safe delivery. A reporter shouts out, “who’s delivering the baby”? Silence falls upon the ward one more time.

The pregnant male sits with his husband clutching his hand on a bed as they wait patiently in the maternity ward. His dream of motherhood quickly approaches and the two stare into each other’s eyes and get lost in emotion.

His mind begins to think of life as a mother in a man’s body. He listens to his heart pounding in his chest as blood begins racing through his veins and travels quickly down to his penis. An erection is taking place prior to delivery and his face turns flush red showcasing his moment in time. The erection and full blush are the new sign of the water break and it’s time to prepare this man to give birth to his first child.

He’s about to be part of history and an evolution in reproduction. What a moment for the Birthing Male and his husband. They will pursue a motherless household and start a new life with a baby they delivered from his body.

How will this happen? A man with male chromosomes, a penis, and testicles giving birth to another human and becoming a motherless male as his husband nervously watches. This medical breakthrough is about to change everything.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of The Birthing Male.

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