The Pipeline

By Simon Marsh All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Adventure


'The Pipeline' is set in Washington DC, the federal capital but also the murder capital of the United States. Washington provides the location for a major automotive factory exporting four wheel drive vehicles across the world and just opening up the British market via a recently agreed bridgehead in Newcastle. It is through this bridgehead, timed to coincide with the launch of the 1999MY Cherokee that vast amounts of heroin are being shipped into Europe stowed within the confines of the chassis. The 'Pipeline' also deals with the past, present and future conflicts of Sean Mason. Sean is an ex-cop, passed over twice too often who has had a bad marriage and a bad career for whom the DEA represents a chance to rebuild his career and his personal life. Sean is supported throughout by his partner who is everything Sean isn't. Medium height, medium build, medium marriage. The book deals with the conflicts that these two opposing views create and their resolution.


This would be the last time. He had promised himself that many times before - but this would be the last time. Slowly, he drew back his sleeve to reveal a forearm ravaged by a thousand previous promises. The tube was tight above his elbow and the fluid, even now, began to create a new reality, beyond the mundane, without rhyme or reason. Most importantly, without reason. For once he was right, this was the last time.

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