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Rising Fury

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A former Marine struggling with PTSD carries out a bloody revenge plot on a hospital crew that he blames for his young daughter’s accidental death.

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Chapter 1

After Hours

Written by

Lesley Manuel

Copyright © 2020, by Lesley Manuel

Edited and compiled by Edit This, LLC

Grey and black smoke engulf the air across a desert field. Meanwhile, the all-too-familiar sounds of machine guns expending seemingly unlimited rounds of ammunition pierce the night. Terrorists have again swooped in as part of their coordinated reign of terror, and their mission is to simply lay waste to everything in their path. The area is laced with broken-down houses and scared villagers. American soldiers are out in full force trying to protect the villagers; they can barely see two feet in front of them. Their mission: keep the Iraqi people safe.

“Ma’am! Yes…you! Go back inside. Go back!” a marine screams. He has been crouched down on the side of her adobe house for the past 10 minutes; errant bullets are whizzing by his head from seemingly every direction with each syllable he utters. Grenades are going off not even a few dozen feet away and are getting closer.

“Jala. Jala!” The woman screams. She’s running around frantically just outside her front door calling for someone…perhaps a relative or her children. She isn’t heeding the warnings!

“Ma’am!” another private shouts.

At that moment, the lady is shot in the stomach and slinks to the ground.

“Shit! Mike! Can you get to her?” the private asks from a few dozen feet away. If it weren’t for their walkie-talkies, they wouldn’t be able to hear each other.

“Zac…I hear you, and I’m going to go get her,” Mike says. “I need some cover.”

Before anyone can respond, Mike and Zach make a beeline to the injured woman. Luckily, they have a massive firing squad behind them to provide cover. The question is, just now long can they hold off the insurgents?

“Mike and Zac roll her over. She’s still alive—albeit barely. As Zac turns to shoot and provide more cover, Mike hoists the woman upon his shoulder.

“Guys…ya gotta hurry the fuck up!” shouts Mike and Zac’s squad leader, Gary.

Mike raises up from his knees and is immediately shot in the back. He drops the woman and goes down into the dirt face first. Zac didn’t see him get hit. He hears Mike and turns just in time to notice he’s on the ground writhing in pain only a few feet from their makeshift bunker of a broken-down jeep and half of a nearby roof. Zac gets to the woman and pulls her to safety behind the bunker. He relays in his jaw mic that he is going back to get Mike. And before anyone can stop him, he leaps forward and begins running in that direction.

“No, Zac! Goddamn it!” Gary screams. “Fuck! Everyone give cover.”

Mike is down and has stopped moving. Zac is almost to him when he gets struck in the head. His helmet is jarred out of position as he runs, allowing a bullet to sneak in near his right temple.

Gary sees both men down but doesn’t stop shooting. He’s picking off one enemy soldier after another. A small tank has also arrived on the scene for reinforcement, allowing four crew members to make it out to Mike and Zac. Gary quickly follows suit.

“He’s gone, Gary. Zac is dead,” a soldier screams amidst the chaos.

“I can’t move, G,” Mike says. He’s still alive! “I can’t feel my legs. Help me!”

Gary bows his head once more as he tries to process what to do next. The next thing they know, a nearby house explodes.

“No! No! Mike! Zac!” Gary screams.

Gary isn’t on the battlefield at all. He’s safe in his bedroom at home. It’s 2 a.m., and he’s in the middle of a horrible flashback dream.

He’s yelling and thrashing as his 11-year-old daughter storms into the room.

“Dad? Wake up, daddy,” Casey says as she tries to get Gary’s attention. “Are you okay? Gary is finally startled enough to wake up. He’s breathing fast and deep, and his arms are flailing about as if he is trying to fend off an attacker.

“Dad. I’m here. You’re at home,” Casey says.

“Casey, are you okay? Do you need something?”

“No, Dad. No. But you were yelling. I thought you were in trouble. I guess it was another one of those bad dreams.”

Gary moves from under the covers and sits on the side of the bed. Casey sits down beside him. He touches her leg.

“Thank you, hon. I am okay. I’m just sorry that I scared you.”

“It’s okay, Dad. I hate it when you have those dreams.”

Gary hugs his daughter. “I do, too, Case. I do, too.” Gary sighs and closes his eyes while giving Casey a good squeeze.

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