Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 10


“Come in,” Dr St Giles invited Victor Stainton.

He was anxiously awaiting news of fatherhood. The mild-mannered Victor could be excused for having illicit sex with Shirley. He did that purposefully to spite that bastard Anton Retief.

He wore a worried look wherever he went. It was presumably caused by his wife, Jeanette. She was very relieved to be at Scallyclare. Victor was slim and had a pointy jaw that his wife thought looked funny. Rumour had it that she had married the canny Scotsman for his money, but she would have had a hard time weaselling it out of him.

“Sit down.” The doctor offered Victor a chair.

He squirmed uneasily as he took a seat. The pleasantries were taking far too long. He just wanted to hear from the doctor whether he was responsible for impregnating Shirley Retief.

Victor interrupted the doctor: “Please get to the point of why I’m here, Dr St Giles.” The tests to determine paternity had been submitted secretly to the Dundee Hospital.

“Well, am I, or am I not?” Victor asked anxiously.

The doctor cleared his throat. “Well, uh, it seems as if you have been responsible for making her pregnant. I’m sorry.”

Victor was mildly taken by surprise. He thought that Anton deserved it. “Bugger him,” he thought to himself.

It was Shirley’s second child. He heard that Shirley and Anton had named him Michael.

A couple of years passed. “I’m expecting a third child,” Shirley said.

Anton held her rather unaffectionately and said: “Well done.”

They had three children: Two boys, Jako and Mike, and a girl, Kate-Emily.

The Van Wyk girl, Madelaine, was the same age as Jako. Shirley thought she was as ugly as sin, but she never voiced her opinion.

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