Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 13

Jako Retief

Jako’s train of thought was interrupted. He had been lusting after a girl that he’d created in his mind: She had long, blonde hair and a body as good Madelaine’s, but a beautiful face, not like Madelaine’s at all.

Jako was alarmed, when Mike, 10, burst into the lounge shouting: “We’ve got a puppy!”

Shirley followed him, carrying the young dog that was just a few weeks old. She put it down gently on the carpet, where it promptly made a small puddle.

“Ah, shame,” Mike exclaimed. “I’ll take care of that!”

Jako saw that the tiny dog was young and felt sorry for the animal. It had missed out on the last stages of feeding from its mother.

“Can I look after him? What are we going to name him?” Mike asked.

Kate-Emily sauntered across the floor. “Mind the puddle,” Shirley warned and picked Kate-Emily up. Mike went to get some toilet paper to clean up the mess.

Jako was mildly irritated as Mike and Kate had got in first, so he quickly shouted: “Fleck! That’s what we should him.”

Mike repeated, “Fleck, Fleck. Why Fleck?”

“Fleck has a few spots spread across his back and tummy. That is the perfect name.”

Kate-Emily was put back on the floor again.

“I like it. Fleck,” Mike said.

Kate-Emily joined in: “Fleck, Fleck.” She held the dog.

“So, we all agree... Fleck it is,” Shirley said.

Jako, Mike and Shirley watched as Fleck gave Kate-Emily a lick and received a cuddle from her in return.

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