Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 14

Mike Retief

The grandparents were in the home at Scallyclare.

“Look at what I’ve got…” said Grandpa. Mike and the other two children perked up, and Mike noticed that his parents were looking on with interest.

“What?” asked Jako.

“Bracelets for you three kids.”

Mike knew that Grandpa put a positive emphasis on the word “kids”.

Grandma smiled. “We’ve made a ladylike one for Kate-Emily. It’s more fitting for a girl. The two for you two young ’uns are really masculine - made for men.”

“Can I see?” Mike craned forward to see the bracelets. He saw that they seemed to be made from a shiny, silver-type metal. The one for Kate-Emily was a bit finer and more elegant.

“We’ve engraved your names on each of them. Here’s one for you, Jako,” he said, putting the bracelet in Jako’s hand. “Do you want me to fit it?”

“It’s okay, I’ll do it,” Jako responded.

“It looks great,” Grandpa said confidently. Grandma and Shirley nodded in agreement.

“Next, here’s one for Kate-Emily,” Granny said. The couple jointly presented the delicate bracelet to the girl.

“Look it’s also got your name inscribed on it. It says ‘Kate-Emily’. You look after it, mind,” she said kindly. “Can I help you?”

Kate-Emily replied with a nod.

Grandpa continued: “And here’s one for Mike!”. He put the bracelet into Mike’s eager hand.

Mike exclaimed: “Wow!” and clutched the bracelet, preparing to put it on.

Anton, who had been quiet up until then, joined in: “They look very smart on you children.” Mike noticed that there was a softer tone to his voice.

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