Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 17

Jako Retief

It was mid-afternoon when Jako went to the house next door. “Come and see what I’ve built,” he excitedly exclaimed to Madelaine.

She looked at him apprehensively, but accompanied him nonetheless.

Jako showed her the tree house of which he was so proud. The elaborate construction was at least six or seven metres above the ground. He helped her find her footing to climb into it.

“Put that one there, and that one there,” he instructed.

Madelaine looked up. “I don’t know if I can manage… ”

Jako stood behind her. He couldn’t help catching a flash of her panties under her pink skirt. “Trust me... ”

When they reached the tree house, there was an excited commotion on the ground from Fleck, who was eager to join in the adventure.

“I’ve got an idea!” Jako exclaimed. “Let’s tie a rope around Fleck and pull him up.” He looked at Fleck, and Fleck returned his stare.

“Don’t leave me here!” cried Madelaine.

“I’m only going to get a rope for Fleck,” Jako said. He climbed down and made his way into the house to search for a suitable rope to tie around the dog.

Making his way back to the tree house, he secured the rope carefully around the dog.

He climbed back to the tree house and called down: “Are you ready, Fleck?” With that, he raised the dog carefully through the branches until it was safely inside the tree house.

But the dog had other ideas that interfered with Jako’s plans. After all, Jako had had ulterior motives for Madelaine. “I’ll put him back on the ground again,” Jako grumbled.

He started lowering the dog but, nearly on the ground, Fleck began to bark excitedly.

“Stuff it!” Jako cursed. A moment later: “I’m sorry about that, Mads” he said, but didn’t really mean it.

A hedge now obstructed the path on which he was lowering Fleck. “Damn it,” exclaimed Jako, “Fleck’s wriggled so much that he’s fallen into the hedge! Lucky he’s so close to the ground.”

The dog wasn’t too worse for wear after the experience.

He could see that Madelaine had started to get fidgety, so he helped her back to the ground, regretting that the dog had interfered with his plans to fiddle with Mads in the tree house.

Back on the ground, Madelaine turned to him: “That was exciting but I wouldn’t do it again.” With that, she returned to her own home.

“Ah, Fleck, look where you’ve left me.” Jako bent down and ruffled the dog’s fur.

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