Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 24

Mike Retief

It was a Sunday, and Mike, Jako and Chris were at the swamp in the lee of the mine dumps.

“Look, there are plenty of crabs in these bulrushes!” Mike exclaimed to Jako. He had an idea.

“Let’s play a trick on the headmaster and teachers.” Mike said, a sneaky smile breaking out on his face.

“Come on, tell me!”

“Let’s get Nqobani, the school chef, to make a fake pie.”

“Haibo! Wow!” Chris exclaimed.

“What do you mean by ‘fake pie’?” Jako pressed.

“It’s the crust that is fake, with live crabs hidden inside it. They cut the pie open, and whaaah…” Mike threw his arms in the air like crabs had been set free.

“That’s awesome! But what’ll happen to the crabs?”

“We get Nqobani to make a fake crust, and we put the crabs in a cool dish and pretend it’s hot, by carrying it holding a cloth.”

“Wow!” exclaimed Chris.

“That’s impressive,” Jako said with admiration.

At lunch that day, the head waiter duly carried the pie to the teachers’ table and left it there for them to open. When the teacher opened the pie the huge crabs scrambled out. The teachers were shocked. The crabs ran about and dropped to the floor and went scurrying around, raising yelps, before finding an opening and escaping.

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