Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 25

Jako Retief

Jako looked around. He had travelled all day in a hot car with his folks and Mike and Kate-Emily to Gaborone.

“It’s really flat,” Jako declared.

Anton half-turned and gave him a look that said: “Hold your mouth, son.” Anton was tired and had had enough of driving.

They drove until just before 4pm and found the Shell Garage they sought.

Jako took in the garage and its surroundings - and Uncle Kobus. He could see that unlike his Dad, Kobus was open and friendly. He was wearing a dirty dark-blue overall, but Jako could see that beyond this, he was a cheery person.

Anton had introduced the children to Uncle Kobus and said: “I’ve brought my kids here to show them what you do.”

“You’ve come at the right time. I’ve just finished this lady’s car and I have to deliver it back to her. Would you all like to come with me?”

The children answered together in a mixed chorus of “Yay!” and “Yippee!” and “Great!”

After work, Kobus was joined by Jako and his siblings in Kobus’s shiny 1950s Land Rover , prompting Jako to say: “This car is very clean.”

Followed by Anton and Shirley, they travelled to Kobus and his wife’s home.

“Let me introduce you to Magda,” Kobus said. Magda was a stout woman with scraggly, brown hair that did not do justice to her pretty face.

“Hello, you boys are big,” she said. Turning to Kate-Emily, “And you are very pretty.”

Jako liked Kobus and Magda, but he was worried about Anton. There were rumours going around that he was in debt to the bookies.

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