Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 29

Mike Retief

He was torn between the luscious Robyn and his studies. At 15, he was experiencing the development of the growing penis in his pants.

She was strawberry blonde and pretty, in a funny sort of way. I’d love to get very close to her, he thought.

He planned to speak to Robyn after school, and he again felt the urge. He was in an advanced state of readiness. He snuck a glance at Robyn, and down at her breasts. She noticed him looking her way and smiled.

He looked bashfully back at his Maths.

The bell rang and, to his surprise, she came over to him. “Come with me,” she said. Then she blushed. “That’s not what I meant.”

Mike gave her a knowing look.

They found a quiet spot where it seemed that no one would disturb them.

Mike began to talk, but Robyn put her tongue in his ear.

“Ooh, yes, that’s good... ”

He took that as a sign that the game was on and dared to touch her left breast. She moved her mouth to his and gently nibbled his lip. Mike responded by squeezing her breast harder.

“Not so hard,” she said breathlessly, panting. He could smell the lunch that she’d had two hours before, but he put that out of his mind and concentrated on her plump breasts.

Robyn guided his hand along her stomach. But just when he thought he was going to feel the fluff of her pubes, she stopped his hand. Mike was nearly ejaculating, wild with excitement.

“We mustn’t make love,” she said.

“Aggh... Why not?”

“I’ve not done it before.”

“This would be your first time?”


Mike was torn between feeling frustrated and feeling some empathy for Robyn. So, he hugged her.

“Aggh,” he said again, defeated.

She returned his hug.

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