Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 30

Chris Ndlovu

“I have to go to Eshowe to visit my great-aunt, who lives in a township. Actually, just outside Eshowe.”

“How are you getting there?” Jako asked.

“I’m getting a lift on the back of a pick-up from someone.”

“Don’t forget your dompas,” Jako jokingly reminded him. (The dompas was a document that all non-whites had to carry on their person at all times, whether they were at home or travelling.)

“No, I don’t leave home without it.” Chris looked Jako straight in the eyes and there was a hint of annoyance in his voice.

“Can I get a phone number to reach you? Is there a phone box close to her home?” Jako asked.

“I’ll have to look and see. If there is, do you mind if I reverse the charges to call you with the number?” Chris asked.

“I’ll have to check with my dad and see if that’s okay,” Jako said.

Later, Jako saw him again. “My Dad says it’s okay to reverse those costs.”

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