Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 34

Mike Retief

Mike was feeling a lot better. To his dismay, though, he still had no recollection of the truck crash, or anything that had happened before then.

George introduced him to his wife, Sam. He picked up that she was the salt-of-the-earth type, and noticed that she had dressed up to welcome him. She had light-brown hair, a slight, feminine build that was flattered by a pair of brown slacks and brightly coloured, loose-fitting top.

He politely greeted her and shook her hand.

He tucked into his lunch. Over a forkful of food, he looked across at the pair of girls. They were a year younger than him – he guessed about 13 or 14 years old and they were twins. Sue and Charlie were their names.

He could tell the twins were very different - in character, personality and their approaches to life. Sue was a splitting image of her father. Her mannerisms matched his exactly. But, inside, she was a different story. Mike sensed that Sue was a troublemaker.

Charlie was completely different from her Dad. She was beautiful, and Mike could see that she took after Sam.

The twins spoke simultaneously. Mike heard snatches of the dialogue: “ ...where were you going?”, from Sue, and “...was it as... ” from Charlie.

“One at a time, please,” he laughed. “Sue, you go first.”

Sue asked him where he had been headed, when they found him wandering disorientated in the sugar plantation. A moment of embarrassment came over him. “I don’t really know... ”

The twins looked at each other quizzically. George took control of the situation: “Now, now, leave him be and let him enjoy his lunch.”

The twins exchanged amused looks.

He remembered the bracelet that he’d taken off while he was having a bath. It was filthy and covered with mud. He’d left it upstairs. What with all of the excitement of meeting the twins, he had forgotten about it.

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