Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 40

Madelaine van Wyk

“I do,” said Madelaine.

“I do,” said James Roderick.

It was the couple’s wedding day.

Madelaine thought that deep down, she had given an insincere answer. She looked at him. James was decidedly unattractive. He was tall and all skin and bone. He was also pale and not exactly handsome. He often smelt like a soggy bar of red soap – one that was going off. But, she felt that she should accept his proposal to marry. She was, after all, “scraping the bottom of the barrel”.

It had been years since her mother had passed away and she knew that the alcohol her mother had drunk while pregnant with her had to take its toll eventually.

The couple and their entourage were driven to their reception and heartily welcomed. She listened to the best man and her husband give their speeches. They were quite funny really. For James, that was quite a feat. That night, she endured the messy lovemaking.

The next morning, despite being on honeymoon, Madelaine remained deep in thought.

“What’s the matter, my darling?” James asked at breakfast.

“I’m fine,” she said, giving the sweetest smile she could muster.

She couldn’t get the thought of the diamonds out of her mind. A few days later, she broached the subject of the stones with James.

“I know how we can get a lot of money.”

James was easily manipulated. “Tell me how, my love?”

She started to tell James. She recounted the story of how the Retiefs had disappeared into thin air. She told him about the diamonds. He was incredulous at first, but she had such control of her words that he came round to her way of thinking.

She described her plan to him, and James nodded in agreement the entire time. But, that would have to wait a very long time. She had to find that bastard, Jako, first.

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