Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 42

Stuart Thomson

Mike, or Stuart, had grown up to be a handsome young man. He had passed his final exams and was studying at university. He was at the end of his first year, and it was going well. He was studying law, and he was enjoying it.

He was due to attend the New Year’s Eve dance. Who would he choose as his date: Sue or Charlie? Sue had a devil-may-care attitude and took after her father in her mannerisms. Charlie had an air of sophistication and she still looked like her mother.

They were available. In fact, he understood, they were both waiting for his first and opening move.

Stuart had a tough decision to make. He was wrestling with having to choose between Sue and Charlie. Why were they waiting for him to decide? he wondered.

He went back to his room and thought about his options. It was then that he noticed the bracelet that had been hidden under some clothes. He studied it closely, wondering what it meant.

Stuart had finally come to a decision about who he should take to the New Year’s dance. He had thought long and hard about it, and he’d invite Charlie. She was beautiful, and Stuart knew she took after Sam, her mother. Now, he had to ask her. He also knew Sue would take it badly. She was jealous of her sister’s good looks and her agreeable manner.

He got her on her own and spoke to Charlie first.

“Charlie, I’ve got something to ask you.”

“Uh huh,” she said. He realised that she was playing it cool and trying to seem disinterested. He thought he might go along with the act, and then thought better of it.

“I’d love you to come with me to the dance on New Year’s Eve.”

He saw that she hesitated momentarily and he worried that he’d blown it.

“I’d love to go with you,” she replied with delight.

On New Year’s Eve, he took out a smart, black suit and he took care putting the clothes on.

“That looks good,” Stuart enthused upon seeing himself in the full-length mirror. He was dressed to the nines.

He went out to the passage. “I’m ready, Charlie,” he shouted. He could feel Sue’s stare burning into his back. Charlie came out of her room.

He looked at her in wonderment.

“Wow, you look fantastic,” he said.

Then he saw Sue. “You look equally extraordinary.”

Stuart and Charlie linked hands, slightly self-consciously.

Upon arriving at the New Year’s function, he opened the car door for Charlie. Sue couldn’t wait and opened the door herself.

“Let’s dance,” Stuart said to Charlie.

“Yes, please,” she said enthusiastically.

A few dances later, Stuart felt that he ought to at least have two dances with Sue. He didn’t notice that she’d had a bit too much to drink for so early in the night. Neither of the twins usually drank at all.

“Hello, handsome,” she said, a little bit louder than necessary.

“Hi,” he responded.

During their second dance, he was sure that she glanced her pelvis against his.

“You look gorgeous,” Sue said seductively.

“Thank you.”

He felt a harder, firmer push from her breasts and pelvic area. This time, he was sure and pulled away slightly.

And there it was again.

She held him a little bit tighter, nuzzled her mouth into the crook of his neck and worked her way up his ear. When she tried to put her tongue in his ear, he was startled and pulled away. He gave her a quizzical, disdainful look that said: “What?” He held her at a distance for the rest of that dance and led her back to her seat.

About 3am, when Charlie and Stuart had enough dancing, they decided to go home. Sue had left with another guy and would make her own way home.

“Let’s go to the dam,” Stuart suggested.

“I’d like that,” she responded breathlessly. They climbed into the car and Charlie moved closer, nuzzling her lips closer to his ear. She placed her tongue inside his ear and moved it around slowly.

“That’s what I like,” he responded enthusiastically, feeling a hardness in his pants. Arriving at the dam, Charlie stroked his thigh in an up-and-down motion that made him even stiffer.

They drove to a spot that overlooked the dam. By now, Charlie was on top of Stuart, impeded only by the hand-brake.

“Let’s get in the back,” whispered Stuart breathlessly.

“I’d love that, big boy,” she said teasingly. They moved to the back seat.

Stuart kissed Charlie full on her lips, tasting her in his mouth. Charlie moaned with pleasure. “Mmmm, yes, yes,” she groaned.

Stuart slipped his hand under her dress to feel her left breast.

Her dress slipped down off her shoulder, revealing her full breasts in the half moonlight. Stuart cupped them in his hands. He rubbed his lips against them.

By now, the top half of her dress sat around her waist. His tongue followed and made small, tantalising circles around her breasts. She continued to moan louder and louder.

“Yes, yes,” Charlie moaned breathlessly.

She undid his zip and pushed her hand into the opening. Bending down, she played with his cock, taking it gently in her mouth over and over again, licking and teasing his balls.

“Ah,” he moaned, “yes, yes... ”

By now she had him in her mouth, making repeated sucking noises. They both moaned with pleasure.

He slipped his hand inside her panties and felt her wet pussy. He felt her clitoris between his two fingers and knew that she was aroused. He hurriedly tore down her panties to get an easier feel.

He was so hard. Then he heard her whisper: “I want you inside me.”

That was when he realised that he hadn’t brought any protection to make love.

An awkward silence followed. He was surprised that he didn’t lose his erection.

He muttered: “I can’t my darling, I don’t have any protection.”

He sensed her mood change quickly from very horny, to slightly horny, to not horny at all.

“Err. It’s all right, my baby. I’ll do this instead.” She moved down to the level of his penis.

“I see I have some work to do here… ” Her voice was lost as she took his cock in her mouth and worked it back to full erection. The feeling was heavenly.

“God, that’s great... ”

She launched into a backwards and forwards action that was thrilling. He responded by getting even harder.

“Ah, I’m nearly coming... ”

She took it slower.

“Eewaagh,” Stuart moaned from the excruciating pleasure. “Yes, yes, yes.... aaahh... ”

When he was fully relaxed, he asked: “Where did you learn to do that?”

She replied, still a bit short of breath: “Someone taught me.”

“I’m shocked. Who?”

“Some guy.”

“Did you make love to him?”


Even in the dim moonlight, she looked him straight in the eyes when she answered him.

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