Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 45

Madelaine Roderick née van Wyk

“Surprise! Look here, James,” Madelaine exclaimed.

“What, my love?”

“Here’s a picture of Jako. He was involved in a man-eating experience with lions.”

“Let’s see.”

“But it says his name is Jack. And here’s a picture of his late wife, who was taken by the lions. There’s a young girl with him. Her name is Kate-Emily.” Madelaine’s mind was working fast.

“I wonder where he hid the diamonds?” Madelaine added.

“It says he lives near Gaborone, Botswana.”

Her mind continued to work. “If I can get my hands on his daughter and blackmail him to hand the diamonds over to me... us… ” She quickly corrected herself.

Roderick meekly agreed.

Now, Madelaine had a lot of planning to do. First, she needed Jako, or Jack’s, address. Next, she needed a way to get to Botswana. Then, she had to find a moment to quietly kidnap the baby and bring her back to Eshowe.

“I need your help.” Madelaine said.

“Yes, what can I do?”

Madelaine had it all worked out and she filled him in.

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