Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 46

Jack Retief

Jack sat in the lawyer’s office in Rustenberg, joined by a strange man. He was introduced to Jako as the representative of a charity.

The lawyer began to detail the list of major possessions – the Land Rover; the house; insurance policies; and other things. He finally put down his glasses and looked Jack straight in the eye. “Do you know Elizabeth Retief was here two months ago and rewrote her will?”

“No, I didn’t know. She kept very quiet about financial matters,” Jack responded.

“She changed from leaving everything to charity to leaving half to you? She still left half to charity.” The lawyer nodded in the direction of the person who sat beside him.

Jack was stunned. “You mean half of everything?”

The lawyer confirmed to Jack. “Elizabeth left you half.”

He had made his usual trip to Gaborone every Thursday, but Jack was not paying full attention. That was when it happened.

When he got home at the ranch, he called out for Kate-Emily.

“I’m home, Kate,” he shouted. There was no reply. He shouted again. Then he called for his maid.

“Where is Kate?” He was beginning to feel a little bit anxious.

“The lady came and took her, baas,” the maid said.

Jack was shocked. “What lady? How long ago? I must go and look for Kate-Emily,” he said, dread filling him.

“She said her name was Madeline. She was, uh... ” The maid hesitated. He didn’t have time for that. “Do you know where she went? Which way did she turn?”

Jack had an awful feeling, and he didn’t expect an answer from the maid as she hadn’t had a view of the entrance.

He knew Madelaine and what she was capable of. He feared the worst.

“No, baas. I didn’t see which way.”

“Wait by the phone, I’m going to look for her,” Jack shouted, running to the car.

Where should he turn? By now she was long gone. He decided to turn in an easterly direction. He had a strong feeling that was the way she had gone: To the east coast.

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