Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 47

Madelaine Roderick née van Wyk

Madelaine drove from the kidnapping scene like there was no tomorrow. Her husband occupied the passenger seat. They were close to the border.

“Keep that child from crying,” she implored.

“I don’t know how to do that!”

She stopped the car and reached into the back seat for some medicine to stop the two-year-old from wailing.

“Come, come, Kate, it’s really delicious.” But, the little girl was not interested and kept her mouth tightly closed.

Madelaine began to grow more frustrated. She handed the kicking and screaming toddler to James, along with the bottle of medicine.

“Come, let’s see if you can do better.”

She realised that they had only left the ranch 15 minutes ago and that Jako would be in hot pursuit.

“Let’s go,” she shouted above the child’s wails. “I must get going. Fuck!”

Her husband was fighting with the youngster as she drove, but he eventually got some medicine down her throat. They hid the now-quiet Kate-Emily in the boot of the car to avoid the prying eyes of the border police.

“That’s fucking better,” Madelaine exclaimed.

“Uh, huh,” James answered.

They cruised through the border without a problem.

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