Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 49

Madelaine Roderick née van Wyk

The phone rang.

“Will you get that, James?”

He was slow to answer the phone, which annoyed her.

“Damn, I’ll get it.”

“Madelaine Roderick speaking,” she answered, sounding a little harassed.

A voice was on the other end. “Siyabona, dota? Kunjani? She didn’t have time for idle pleasantries.

“How can I help you?”, she replied, impatiently.

“Siyabona, dota ? Kunjani?” The question came once again.

She was just about to put the phone down when it occurred to her that it was a message from Jako. Where did he find those damn friends?

“Jako is delayed. He got stuck in a cave,” the voice said. “He was stuck there for more than two days, getting the diamonds.”

“Didn’t he get the fucking stones?” Madelaine asked, exasperated.

“Yebo, yes.”

“He got them?” Madelaine asked again.


She heard Kate-Emily crying in the other room.

“That crying is a pain in the neck,” she said with irritation to no-one in particular.

“Where are the diamonds?”

“He’s got them on himself.”

“Fuck that! I told him I needed them here... with me. Tell him that he’s got 24 hours to get them here, or the girl gets it. Do you understand?”

There was silence on the other end of the line.

“Twenty-four hours. Twenty-four hours,” she repeated. “Do you hear?”

“Yebo, yes,” the voice responded.

Madelaine slammed down the phone. The child was wailing incessantly in the other room.

“Shit, James, do something about that child before I do something I’ll regret.”

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