Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 52

Jack Retief

Jack was beside himself with worry about Kate. He thought: If that bitch harms my little girl, she won’t live to tell the tale.

He called a car repair man and described the problem. He arrived, towed the car to the garage and fixed it the same morning.

Now, he had to travel fast, bumping along the part-dirt and part-tar road in the Land Rover. He really missed Elizabeth. It had been a week since she had died that horrible death. Now this.

Scallyclare is situated in the richest coal mining fields, about 300km from Durban, inland of the east coast. So, Jack had to find some way of getting to the coast, then north to Eshowe, about 100km north of Durban. He drove as fast as he dared.

He recalled the frightening words that that bitch Madeline had said: “You can have Kate-Emily back if you hand over the diamonds. But, don’t go to the police, or I’ll kill the little bitch or sell her into slavery.”

He couldn’t think which would be the worse option. He put his foot down on the accelerator pedal. Fuck that whore!

Madelaine told me the other day to be at corner where the roads intersect at Manguzi. He hadn’t been able to get there, and he wondered whether she had shown up.

He also wondered whether Christmas had been there in his place.

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