Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 58

Christmas Ndlovu

Chris was stunned, as he watched from a few metres away. He’d gone to urinate. But he’d overheard all the conversation. On some level, part of him had expected the invasion, but it had still taken him by surprise.

“These fucking people... ” he said to his great-aunt, who was wide awake by then.

She nodded her acknowledgment, shocked. She had been alarmed at the way the police had simply exploded into her home in the middle of the night. Chris was also traumatised by the way the pigs had entered his aunt’s home and he needed to react.

“I’ve got to see where they’ve taken Jako and Kate-Emily.”

He thought they may have been taken to the main police station in Eshowe, so he set out at a run. It would take him at least three hours to get there.

Thoughts crossed his mind like wildfire: How would the two-year-old cope with her father being arrested, and them both being piled roughly into the meat wagon?

As he drew close the police station, he remembered his dompas. Also, he’d left the diamonds safely hidden because he couldn’t risk the police finding them.

Chris was sure Jako and Kate-Emily were in the holding cells. That was where they took people who had committed serious crimes, like murder. He wondered what had happened to Kate-Emily. Was she with him? It was unlikely that the cops had separated them. He fretted for Jako and the little girl.

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