Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 60

Jako Retief

Jako looked at the six black faces staring through the bars that separated them from him and Kate-Emily. At least the cops had moved the six blacks to a separate cell that early morning. The cells were designed to hold four people only.

Jako thought the blacks returned a stare with a mixture of sympathy and hatred. He was sure that the sympathy was for Kate-Emily, but he wasn’t so sure that it wasn’t lust. For Jako, the look of hatred was equally mixed with affection for his arse.

He winced. He held Kate-Emily tightly and backed away as far as possible from the menacing, steely stares of the black men.

The dawn was breaking through the shuttered window, which exaggerated the evil appearance of the men.

Kate-Emily must be hungry, he thought.

He tried to take her mind off things. “Look, there’s a bug,” he said, pointing at a fat cockroach in the corner of the room.

Kate-Emily went to go and pick it up. This took the black men by surprise.

“Haauw!” they chorused in unison. The black men watched her with fascination as she snatched it up in one action and held it deftly but securely between her thumb and pointer finger, and then returned to the arms of her father. She looked right back at them, defiant.

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