Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 65

Stuart Thomson

Stuart had had a long, restless night. He’d felt as if he was dreaming.

First, it began with a girl he was sure he should remember from his past. He was sure it was Kate-Emily, but she was little, and the girl in the dream was a teenager. There was something about her name, but he didn’t know what. He had flashes back to the past that remained fuzzy. She morphed from a little three-year-old into a teenager and back again.

Then, a disturbing thing happened. He felt heat. Unbearable heat. It was coming from close by. He saw a fire in the distance, and people were screaming. He felt he should recognise the older couple. He could make out their shapes through the incendiary blaze down in the ravine. It was like a dream within a dream.

He woke up in a fiery-sweat.

Stuart was perplexed by the connection between the young Kate-Emily and the other person who was also named Kate-Emily, the teenager.

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