Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 67

Christmas Ndlovu

Chris was worried about Jako and Kate-Emily. He could imagine how they were treating the pair in jail.

He knew – not from first-hand knowledge – the reputation of the lock-ups, or jails.

He was stealthily walking down a narrow alleyway between some rows of shacks and huts when he was blocked and surrounded by policemen aiming their guns directly at him.

“Are you Christmas Ndlovu?” the cop asked.


“Now we’ve got you, you cunt.” All the policemen laughed and drew closer.

“I won’t read you your rights, you bastard. You are coming with us to face charges for murdering Madelaine Roderick.”

With that, they handcuffed him and threw him roughly into the waiting police van nearby. He overheard them chuckling at his predicament from the front of the van.

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