Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 72

James Roderick

Roderick was scared because he feared that he’d taken Madelaine’s life. He drove away from Eshowe fast. All he wanted to do was escape.

“What am I going to do?” He was driving through the thick forests that lined the road.

He thought: I must get out of here. He feared the metal object that had drawn his blood - and that man (he was certain that it wasn’t a woman) whom he had left unconscious, or even dead. That would make it a double murder.


But what did the man do with the evidence? Did the police find it next to the body? Or did the man survive and hand it over to a lawyer. Fuck, fuck! He wondered in his anguished state, if this was the case, who the lawyer was.

He should find out and do something about it.

He stopped the vehicle to consider his options: Drive and drive until he got to the border, where they would turn him back for not travelling with his passport? Go back and find out who the lawyer was to whom that the man had taken the metal object? Lay low until the heat burned off, but, that could take months and months; or be arrested.

He settled on the second option, turned around and headed back in the direction of Eshowe. Roderick felt a bit better about having reached a decision. Still, he was scared shitless nonetheless.

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