Rough Diamonds

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Chapter 74

Christmas Ndlovu

At least he’d seen Jako, but Chris didn’t know whether he’d heard that he’d got the bracelet to the lawyer.

Chris was shocked by the conditions in the jail. Everywhere he looked was filthy.

He was taken to a cell containing seven other black men. They had all recently been arrested. A mixture of Zulus and Xhosas, it was a combination that was waiting to combust.

They greeted him. Some of the guys looked him up and down. He felt as if he were prey.

Chris partly ignored them and thought: I’ve taken the bracelet to the lawyer. Can I trust him to tell the truth about where it came from?

Vitally important, Chris was concerned for the safety of the diamonds. He was worried about whether it had been a good idea to hide them in the thatch, but they had had no other option.

Chris was also distressed by what was facing him. Weeks? Months? Years or a lifetime in prison? He knew he’d been arrested for the murder of Madelaine Roderick, but how long would he wait for his trial?

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